Moving In The Pause

Pause For Humility

What does humility mean to you? I could pull some good sounding words out my cubicle mind/me-character hat to answer this question, but I won’t. Instead I will share how confused I was about humility most of my life. Probably like many of us I once thought to be humble was to hide behind the curtain, let people step all over you, don’t speak up or loudly enough so anyone can hear you, and don’t stir the pot. Turns out this is not what it is to practice humility. Yes, I am seeing that humility, like Pause for Inspiration, is a practice. A practice in letting go of who I think I am in exchange for who I am truly.

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Women Rising Up In The Pause

These women are rising up to learn, practice, experience, and teach the Pause Practice Tool to those in their community, at work, their neighborhoods, schools, and with families, and friends. Pause for Inspiration is a grassroots movement and our grass will only grow as ordinary people hop on board to practice Pause and share with those in their midst, as inspired. Years ago I was concerned about how I was going to accomplish getting this message out on my own, then I heard Inspiration Within come into my mind with a gentle correction, “Mary, Pause for Inspiration does not belong to you, it belongs to the whole world.” I was immensely relieved as I could lay my ego belief that I was queen of the jungle aside.

What a story! Literally within a few day period I received emails and phone calls from each of these women, not one knowing the other, all asking if there was a Pause training available as they would like to learn more about the practice and share it with others. Wendy, the first woman I connected with, whose background is in Human Resources, said, “I can begin training this Friday.” I about fell off my kitchen stool as I sure wasn’t thinking I was ready to begin this Friday, since it was Tuesday! So, I called Natalie, who is a real estate broker and yoga teacher, and she was ready to go on Friday. Got in touch with Maxine, who teaches adult continuing education, and she was thrilled to begin Friday. Eileen, a social worker for a nonprofit jumped on board, and Bridget, an educator, was ready, willing and able anytime. Three days later we all show up at the Pause Studio and begin our training, sharing, laughing, and exploring the Practice of Pause for Inspiration, The 4 Decisions.

Now, each woman is a “Pause Light” in the world. Our next step is leading them through our “Preparing the Pause Mentor” training where together we will dive more deeply into the Pause curriculum we use to teach the practice in more structured settings, such as schools.

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Stretching Beyond What Seems Impossible

Pause is a practice in stretching beyond what seems impossible. Today I found my Self remembering Mark Madsen who moved beyond his disability by being willing to Pause and See Himself Another Way. Mark was a Professor of Voice and self-named Pause Ambassador.

After attending a Pause retreat weekend, Mark, living as a paraplegic after a car accident shared, “You were Inspiration’s instrument that was the impetus for me to live a much fuller life and sharing my light and gifts with others.” Mark and I recorded “Inspired To Be Truly Helpful” together in his music studio and even danced together at one of his concerts. He stretched himself! Sharing once to some of us, “As a paraplegic, to move in a group or as a couple – I want to do this more and I am feeling strongly inspired to making music with my computer. I would love to sing with you.”

Mark went on to teach, sing, perform and truly was one of the most enlightened people I have ever been graced to truly encounter.

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Fathers and Daughters Pause

Grateful for the father of these precious daughters who cares and shares the practice of Pause for Inspiration in the midst of everyday life with  his girls. Grateful for these young women being willing to what The Pause is, experience pausing for their Helpful Self, and take this photo!

Their father came across a Pause for Inspiration, “The 4 Decisions” practice card and immediately seeing its usefulness laminated several for his daughters! Driving them to school one morning, one of his daughters was posting on social media and he suggested, “You might want to use the Pause practice before posting that.” Sure enough, after thinking about the Pause Practice, she decided not to press “Post.”


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What Does Inviting Inspiration Within to Help Mean to You?


We are teaching the practice of Pause for Inspiration “The 4 Decisions” with the young men and women at Roosevelt High School and St. Louis Job Corps Center, both located in St. Louis City.  The Pause Practice involves slowing down, getting out of our own way and opening to connecting with one’s Helpful Self, Inspired Mind, while living everyday life.

The 3rd Decision is, Step  Aside:  The Decision to Invite Inspiration Within to Help.

We asked the students, “What does that mean to you?” Here are three of their inspired responses:

  1. To be open to correction (from within one’s Inspired Mind).
  2. To receive new solutions.
  3. To shift; to see a person or situation another way.

The willingness of these students to connect with their Helpful Self and receive this wisdom is a joy to witness.


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