Moving In The Pause

What Does Inviting Inspiration Within to Help Mean to You?


We are teaching the practice of Pause for Inspiration “The 4 Decisions” with the young men and women at Roosevelt High School and St. Louis Job Corps Center, both located in St. Louis City.  The Pause Practice involves slowing down, getting out of our own way and opening to connecting with one’s Helpful Self, Inspired Mind, while living everyday life.

The 3rd Decision is, Step  Aside:  The Decision to Invite Inspiration Within to Help.

We asked the students, “What does that mean to you?” Here are three of their inspired responses:

  1. To be open to correction (from within one’s Inspired Mind).
  2. To receive new solutions.
  3. To shift; to see a person or situation another way.

The willingness of these students to connect with their Helpful Self and receive this wisdom is a joy to witness.


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Pausing In The Schools!

A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to Kathy Rusert, Science Education Consultant and teachers and staff at Acorn Elementary School in Mena, Arkansas. Kathy has received numerous state and national awards over the years for her creativity in the field of education. Kathy saw the PAUSE FOR INSPIRATION message, imagined its value for teachers, staff and students and took the initiative to teach a PAUSE class to the teachers and staff at her school. Now, she shares that “Teachers are telling me how they are teaching their kids to use Pause for dealing with situations . . . kids are antsy and wanting to tattle, argue, etc. and a teacher has used this approach to teach them how to handle conflict—and it works!” And, she graciously sent in these photos. reports that Kathy Rusert was named a “Trailblazing Teacher” by the Center for Green Schools and was recognized as a National Outstanding Educator by Project Learning Tree. Rusert believes strongly in interdisciplinary, hands-on education, as well as opportunities for students to teach others. To pass this on to the next generation, she teaches a Methods of Teaching Science for Southern Arkansas University that introduces future teachers to practical teaching tools, such PLT, that they can easily use in the classroom.

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The Normandy Middle School Basketball Game

Pause For Inspiration is happy to begin sharing the PAUSE with parents and THE PAUSE FOR KIDS with those present at the NORMANDY MIDDLE SCHOOL BASKETBALL GAME. Robert White had the whole crowd cheering, “PAUSE!” Thank you PARENTS and KIDS. Appreciate all who volunteered to distribute “The 4 Decisions” cards and “The Pause For Kids” cards! Congratulations to coaches, players and cheering squads.

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Thank You!

THANK YOU ALL 23 TRULY HELPFUL “1001 CALLS FOR LOVE VOLUNTEERS” for gathering Saturday, March 19, 2016 at the PAUSE SPACE. We responded to 1001 requests for the Pause For Inspiration in the midst of everyday life practice cards, “The 4 Decisions,” and we also included a Pause For Inspiration t-shirt! That’s 1001 parcels of Pause going out around the world! Got just a few pics amid the hustle and bustle! Here they are. Grateful.

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AND ON THE HEARTS OF KELLI AND CATHY AT JORDAN’S PLACE. Robert White and myself traveled to Warrenton, Missouri and met with Kelli and Cathy, two women who started Jordan’s Place. Kelli lost her 17 year-old son Jordan in November 2014 to heroin. It was the first time he had ever tried heroin. These two remarkable women opened up a space in Warrenton where youth ages 13-19 can go to after school from 3pm – 9pm and on weekends, to be kids; A place to go to play, study, be with friends, laugh and be safe – a home for many kids.


These women inspired me. Their love and selflessness is so compelling, so real and practical, so present on earth – as Real Love always is. Like many others these days, they are resonating with the simple, practical, enlightening practice of Pause For Inspiration. They see its value and want to share it with their community. We are happy that Pause For Inspiration will be partnering with Jordan’s Place. VISIT:

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