Pause And Do?


I overheard a boss say to his employees who were excited about having received the Pause cards, “Don’t pause too long you’ve got work to do.” I got his point, yet he missed the point. One point of the Pause is to Do In the Pause. Access a place of inner quiet and stillness while accomplishing necessary tasks and moving through your daily activities.


A whole different way of doing.


It is often the case that we learn best through stark contrast when we see how this is different from that. Such is how it is with Pausing For Inspiration while living amid the hustle and bustle of life in the world.


Ironically, you may be more aware of the presence of Inspiration while sitting at an outdoor café, cruising up and down the aisles of the grocery store or driving in traffic than when you are sitting alone in the quiet of your abode. Why?


The stark contrast between the noise of the me-world and the stillness of the Inspired Peace.


Silence is beyond the teacher of a thousand words. Silence is not only to be found in one’s outer environment, as when we set aside time for quiet, stillness, reflection, and rest and choose silent surroundings. Silence is also to be found in the Pause. Where is the Pause? In your Inspired Mind, your Inspired Heart.


Thus you can be Pausing and Receiving Inspiration even while doing! How do you like that. Can’t say you don’t have time to pause anymore. Pause your mind, anywhere, any time.


Suggestion: Always a good idea to find that quiet place for quiet time at some point in your day, however. Mornings and Evenings before bed are good times. Before the chatterbox mind begins its chatter and before you go to rest after your day. You will benefit even from 5 minutes of quiet. Slow down and rest.