Pause Stories

It’s Alright to Pause

We live in a green light world. One of the main messages is to GO. We are told by others or we tell ourselves to keep going, go faster, you go, way to go, go here, go there, go now . . . go, go, go, go, go. I am suggesting today to PAUSE FROM GOING. The world isn’t going to fall apart if I pause, if you pause. It’s all right to Pause. Not only is it all right to Pause, it is highly necessary to Pause. To not Pause is to get in one’s own way, to rule your own show, follow a crowd that is not your crowd and make decisions under stress. Decisions made in the state of stress cause more stress!

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Pause For A Fierce Adventure

Did you ever start something and realize that had you known where it was going to lead you may have never started? It’s a good thing we human beings don’t know much. Truly, there is so much we don’t know! Had I known the expansion, challenges, deep dives and mountainous terrain I’d be trekking in sharing The Pause for Inspiration Practice with the world and running our nonprofit, I am fairly sure I would not have spread my wings and took flight!

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LOVE’S Big Trampoline!

Sometimes we can completely misinterpret what we are perceiving and feeling. I use the simple practice of Pause for Inspiration, “The 4 Decisions”, to turn my upside- down perceptions into right side-up perceptions. Have you ever felt in the dark about life? Why am I feeling this? Why is this happening? What’s going on? I imagine we have all experienced that place where life isn’t making sense. You may be “doing everything right and doing all the right things” – or not – and are left wanting to simply find some light in the dark. This is where The Pause Practice may come in handy. Watch this!

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Ready for Recovery? The Pause Tool

Connecting PAUSE with teachers for Pause Teacher Training for the schools and with providers devoting their lives to helping people heal from addiction and move on to live meaningful, doing their part lives! Grateful to Pastor Amber Cole of Missouri Coalition of Recovery Support Providers for inviting us to share Pause for Inspiration at their Eastern Regional Conference. They are a faith-based organization focusing on community, love, acceptance, purpose, health and recovery. Many expressed the need to connect the treatment world, transitional living facilities and the recovery community stating that there is more than one path to recovery. Shared PAUSE with Karla May, a Missouri State Representative, and a candidate for Missouri State Senate, who said she loves our kind of material and will absolutely read our book, Pause for Inspiration in the midst of everyday life. Matthew Melton, commissioner of the St. Louis Circuit Drug Court was happy to receive our Pause materials, saying he is always looking for new ways to help those facing addiction and ready for recovery. Free downloads, Pause Practice cards, visit:

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Pause During Conversations – A Deeper Connection

Have you ever asked for INSPIRATION and it immediately showed up? Wow, I was just driving to the PAUSE studio where we create in the pause, (I say this now instead of “work”), and while driving I was pondering the fear of pausing. What is it about the thought of pausing that can make us anxious? At that moment, my phone rings and it was a friend offering to volunteer for PAUSE. In our conversation he began telling me a story about something else that he has told a number of times. In the midst of his talking, he paused, and emphatically said, “You know, I’ve told this story over and over and it’s just an excuse . . . an excuse not to do what I know I need to do!”

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Today I’m A Kid

Some days I need the basics – the basic pause. Today I am busy harassing myself about all kinds of things; what I am ordering myself to get done, what to eat, when am I going to find time to move this body, what to write for this article etc. A stagnant fog is taking up residence in my mind and no amount of caffeine seems to be changing the atmosphere. I pause. I give up harassing myself long enough to reach into my purse for a KIDS CAN PAUSE practice card. “Ah, this will do the trick,” I sigh with the thought of relief coming in the not so distant future.

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Inspiration Asks a Question!

There is something we all want in this life and though we may not be able to describe it or name it exactly, I will venture to give it a descriptive name, “simple, uncomplicated LOVE.” Here we are, all of us, making up this world. That’s right, we are making the world. The world is not a separate entity. It is not going away through my ignorance, denial, inattention, calling it an illusion or plopping it in someone else’s lap. Last I checked, this world, that would be all of us, needed some help. What kind of help? Simple, uncomplicated LOVE.


Inspiration is asking for volunteers. The cubicle self is volunteering dispiritedness and selling dispiritedness, often at a hefty price. Your Inspired Self is volunteering simple, uncomplicated LOVE, and that’s free! The choice is mine. Which will I volunteer in this moment? What I choose I get. What I get, the world gets.


The Pause Practice helps me volunteer simple, uncomplicated LOVE!


(excerpt from Pause for Inspiration, in the midst of everyday life; Living Health)





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Pause For Humility

What does humility mean to you? I could pull some good sounding words out my cubicle mind/me-character hat to answer this question, but I won’t. Instead I will share how confused I was about humility most of my life. Probably like many of us I once thought to be humble was to hide behind the curtain, let people step all over you, don’t speak up or loudly enough so anyone can hear you, and don’t stir the pot. Turns out this is not what it is to practice humility. Yes, I am seeing that humility, like Pause for Inspiration, is a practice. A practice in letting go of who I think I am in exchange for who I am truly.

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