Pause Stories

Pause and Receive

Who I Am, When I Let LOVE, Love Me

I am deeply consoled in this experience, like spending time with a Dear Friend who has only my best interest at heart.



Everyday is an opportunity to love one another. How can I be a part of this? I choose to begin each day with a Pause and focus on Receiving LOVE. I let LOVE fill me up so I don’t have to try and fill myself up (or anyone else).



Today I find that I am called to practice Pause and Receive, while engaging in a movement practice. I begin in being willing to LET LOVE, LOVE ME by being aware of the Presence of the Pause. The point is not to move in any particular way, rather to simply move while choosing to be aware of the Pause in our midst. Move into relationship with the Pause.
You can move in silence or to music. The choice is always yours.



Keep in mind that IN ITS MOST EXPANSIVE sense, Moving In The Pause, is a practice in being present. 



You are how LOVE enters the world, otherwise LOVE remains mysterious, intangible, invisible – nothing more than an idea, ethereal, a “maybe” to be discussed. In our willingness to respond to LOVE while living our everyday lives, the experience of separation from LOVE is healed, while living our everyday lives.



I find this practice of Pause and Receive to bring me into an awareness of “who I am when I let LOVE, love me.” I experience an open heart, a crystal clear mind and a calm body. Words fail me in these times… and so, I move.


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Less Me, More Joy

Stepping Back From “Me”

One may think that this me-character is required to live a productive, effective and efficient life – and be happy. In practicing stepping back from “me” I am seeing that me is a distracting energy drainer. Step back from “me” – open to the LIFE in everyday life.

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Pause Goes to Nyeri, Kenya Via Ferguson, MO


Local Kenyan Pastors and hotel staff of the Victorian Hotel at the final Pause for Inspiration session.


Pause For Inspiration met Pastor Michael Robison through Pastor Robert White of Clergy United in our sharing Pause with the  Ferguson, MO community. Pastor Robison packed Pause in his suitcase on his mission trip to Nyeri, Kenya. It is our understanding, these Pastors are now using Pause in their ministry in the villages in which they live! Thank You.


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There Is Such a Thing

Chicken and vegetables wrapped in tortilla

Customer Service and the Pause


Moving through The 4 Decisions in my mind (I have it memorized – it’s easy with practice), I stroll into the healthy fast food restaurant on the corner. I place my order, which is a bit “off the menu” as I ask for some sliced avocado on the side as my usual. A blast of light shows up before me in the form of a woman who works behind the counter – wow joy! “Hi, how are you today? Good to see you,” she says. Our joy has met many times before which began with her inspiring me to share “The 4 Decisions” card with her and her fellow workers.  They were all already an Inspiration; talk about supreme customer service. It is unforeseen how placing the cards in their hands might bring inestimable amounts of Inspiration into the hearts and minds of many. So, even if someone appears to not even need Inspiration, that doesn’t stop me from sharing more as it is always good to have some extra on hand. She whispers something in the cashier’s ear. As I hand my cash over, the young girl looks up and smiles, saying, “Oh, your lunch is free today!”

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Flossing into Transcendence

Dental Equipment

True Self


Yeah, this seeker mind wanders through the world seeking and never finding. How can I find that which does not exist outside of my True Self in a world in which my True Self seems to be excluded? Living life in a 24/7 world that seems to be a distraction from what I hope to find, only to find my True Self fully present and standing at the bathroom mirror while flossing my teeth! One moment I was just flossing, the next moment I was flossing in the now; the mirror reflecting the restful presence of the True Self. Turns out, there is no need for the transcendent experience to be thought of as separate from the mundane. Love is in the world or it isn’t Love.

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Raising the Bar

Customer Service and the Pause

Yesterday afternoon I was happy to be receiving help at the computer store learning how to use a new app. I was willing to learn! However, the gentleman helping me was not as willing to instruct as I was to learn. Seemed as though I was just another in a long line of computer illiterates that he was put in the ugly position of having to help become more technology savvy. He came off as kind of a know-it-all wondering why I didn’t know-it-all. Of course I wouldn’t be there if I did know-it-all. I realized that two factors were probably happening here: 1) I was a bit uneasy about learning how to use this new app, and 2) He was simply not in the mood and mainly, distracted. His eyes were roaming all over the store as if he was following the flight of a bumblebee. I decided that the best way to help both of us, was to Pause, Step Back, Step Aside and Let Inspiration Guide.
I was practicing The 4 Decisions in my mind and as I did so a few things happened: 1) My uneasiness floated away; 2) He stopped talking so fast and literally began pausing as he spoke. It was as if his mind slowed down to receive what words to say that would be helpful instead of spouting something off that he had filed away in a mind slot about this particular app; 3) We made eye contact. Now we were present to one another and available to the moment. It was really cool to see this transformation in us both unfold in a matter of seconds.
Now, some may say it was all just my perception. I just needed to relax. That was definitely part of it. But what was demonstrated here is the power of the pause. Without getting into some hypothetical explanation of how this works, what worked was one person’s willingness to open to a more peaceful, helpful and effective way of communication. He became a better instructor for the next 45 minutes and I noticed I became more grateful for him. We began enjoying this time together instead of wishing it were over!
How many times in your day do you wish something were over? How much of my life have I wasted wishing something was over? How much energy have I wasted being upset with poor customer service when I could have played a pivotal role in turning the customer service experience around to be more helpful, or least found some inner peace amidst the “Customer Not-At-Your-Service” counter? What do I really want? Do I want to lower the bar of the human daily life experience or raise the bar?


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The Bugged Buggy Man



At the corner of Clark and Tucker in downtown St. Louis, here sits LaVerne “womaning” her water and nut stand before the St. Louis Cardinals home game. LaVerne and I have joined for healing; she is in Stage 4 cancer. I am guided to extend her healing by going through The 4 Decisions practice in my mind while laying my hands upon her wasting body. It’s a slow day at the nut stand when a “live” nut enters the scene. A wild looking man driving around on one of those cab-carts gets out of his buggy, grabs a bottle of water, throws it on the ground yelling out that the shape of the bottle doesn’t fit his water holder in his buggy. He growls at us and sneers as if that will summons a reaction. LaVerne expresses later that she was wondering what this crazy person might do. I am deeply immersed in Letting Inspiration Guide and he might as well be on Mars for all I care. I was in no way frightened or distracted by this buggy mind. He did not phase, physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. I was having a tangible experience of Inspiration Within – which cannot be disturbed – in the midst of traffic, passersby and baseball festivities.
This man embodied distraction – the ridiculousness that leaks into our minds that we have a choice to value, or not. I have to thank him for showing me just how insane it is to place meaning on meaninglessness and then react.
About 30 minutes later he pulled up again and asked me if I needed a ride. Again, I was aware he was trying to get my attention. Clearly, he was lonely. The cubicle mind is alone. I looked right through him and beyond who he saw himself to be and said “No thanks.” I felt transparent. He paused. He took off on his buggy perhaps less involved with his bugged mind. Perhaps seeing in a way he had never seen or been seen before, or not. I was seeing clearly.
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