Grateful For Grateful Hearts!

The following are some of the ways people have expressed their gratitude for how the message of Pause For Inspiration is making a difference in their lives and the lives of those with whom they share Pause.

Hi Mary, From South Africa


You have no idea how much my friends and colleagues love your cards. How amazing is it that your message has traveled so far across the world! The “4 Decisions” have helped so many people and my aim is to get it to as many people as I can here in South Africa as there is a definite need here. “Just Pause” has become a regular phrase between my friends and colleagues. When someone is distressed or something causes them to become upset, someone will shout out “Just Pause” and it works like a charm. Even on the netball court, when the competitiveness gets too much, someone will call out “Just Pause” and the whole game changes. We are even contemplating changing out team name to PAUSE. I am hoping to one day, open a sanctuary for the dispirited where I can distribute your cards and books. I’ve sent my intention out to the universe and am waiting for inspiration, which I know will arrive.





South Africa Follow-UP


I am so excited about receiving the box of 3000 cards and 22 books. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, so much. You have no idea what a difference your message has made in the lives of my friends. I get messages all the time requesting cards from friends for their friends. A friend of mine has started a Johannesburg Art Tour company, which will involve many international travelers. I would like to place your cards in the information brochure they receive before the tour. The company also offers workshops on various topics and I would like to add a “PAUSE” workshop to explain your wonderful 4 step-process, using your cards and books and all acknowledgement to you always. Would you be comfortable with us doing this? i just think it would be such a wonderful opportunity to reach a large number of people with your message.








Thank you so much for your time with us, it is so wonderful being in the Pause, taking in the love that is all around and in us. Thanks also for your tee shirts, love those colors and the message, you just bring love and relaxation where ever you go Mary, I hope you know that. The Pause for Inspiration/4 Decision cards are so helpful. I have one in my car and used in when I got pulled over for a ticket, made a turn in a no turn zone, it was very helpful AND the policeman just gave me a warning, and of course I started out in my thinking with, he just wants to make money for his town, etc. etc. It really was a wonderful experience. Blessings and Love to you, put me on your mailing list please. Mary you do bring relaxation and love into the room, YOU ARE A BLESSING MARY TO ALL YOU TOUCH.


Blessings and Love,






Someone Sharing Pause Materials With a Friend



I thought you would appreciate this given your recent meditation class. This was free to do and I LOVE the idea of it! Can’t wait to share it more.


Love you!

J M So-beloved







Cause you sent me your precious materials on time so I could carry it to Africa from South Korea which is my home country. I hope you write more of such amazing materials for many people hungry for inner guidance.






It’s been a couple of months since you sent me my package. Thank you so much for your generosity and kindness. I shall pass it on!


Blessings to you!






Dear Mary,


Thank you sooooo much for the beautiful, pristine book with the inscription. Also the MP3 and the cards. It is both lovely and loving of you to make them available to me. I am low income person with a number of challenges including a mental illness. Again thank you. I see on your website you make your offerings available free to all who need them. You walk the talk my sister.








Hello Mary!!

I hope all is well with you today. I am a certified hypnotherapist with a private practice in Los Angeles, California. I will soon be conducting workshops educating people on the benefits of using clinical hypnotherapy and self hypnosis for stress management. I would love to introduce this easy to do, BUT profound practice “The Four Decisions” to my workshop participants. I think that “The Four Decisions” is not only a great spiritual practice but also a great stress management tool as well. I use “The Decisions” all the time and I love them. I would like to know if you would be willing to give me a call and possibly discuss with me how I can introduce this powerful practice to my workshop participants, my previous and future clients? I really would love to speak with you. I will be waiting for your call. I kindly thank you in advance for your time. 🙂


Remember to Live, Life, Love, Laugh have Peace, Joy and Happiness!





Just wanted to say thank you for the materials you sent. I have been sharing the cards, and I’m still reviewing the CDs. What wonderful gifts you are sharing! Thank you so much! I’m sure I will be in contact with you soon, to get more cards and to make a donation.






Hello Thee to THY Witness!! It’s Jason (appearing as)… Met you @ Conference CHI TOWN One of the last guy’s to visit your booth, talking about Gabriel Ross n 5 Rhythms… I can already feel major Transformation and FUN for anyone who attends… you and John are one of the first people I thought of to Speak (Yes, John too) And would love for you to do your lil INSPIRATION in motion WORKSHOP… Its gonna be WILD n CRazy One big Holy Spirit PUPPET SHOW Love to have YOU and JOHN both …


P.S. soooo Beautiful the way the Holy Spirit SIMPLY works through you. A couple of dance moves/lyrics came to me w/ the pause , step back , step aside number… (Pause.. step back step aside now slide let the spirit inside be your GUIDE…) i think you’ll enjoy it… It was INSPIRED





I regret not thanking you long ago when you originally sent me the Pause for Inspiration cards and CD. I must thank you now for the book, which has arrived unsolicited by me physically, but most assuredly by me spiritually… Thank you from my grateful, grateful heart, for reminding me what the call to, and answer from, love’s quest feels like…your grateful sister,






Hi Mary!


I love your site! I actually made photocopies of this card and handed it out – it is wonderful you are providing them! Thank you for all that you do and the blessings you share with others! : )






Dearest Friends,


My partner and I received your inspirational book, cd’s, and cards. thank you. We will do our part to join you in Pausing for Inspiration in the midst of everyday life. With your help, we will choose peace over chaos. We will continue giving and sharing with others. all is well. thank you again.







Aloha Mary,


A friend, Joe Wolfe from Spirit Light Outreach, recommended your site and your book “Pause for Inspiration.” I currently facilitate groups, at Windward Unity on Oahu here in Hawaii. I have received inspiration recently to hold some workshops, and next month it will be a workshop on “forgiveness” and yesterday I felt that the following workshop will be on “listening and following Holy Spirit/Inner Guidance.” Joe had suggested it would be a great idea to bring some of your books to Oahu, and since receiving this recent guidance, I feel that this would be a great time to have them available for the workshop on Inner Guidance.


I look forward to hearing from you, and your recommendations/thoughts regarding your books/cards/cd’s, and what is required of me in the process. I anticipate the workshop participants would be somewhere around 25 to 30 people. Btw, I read your sharing regarding the homeless man and the $10 bill and card that you gave him. I loved reading that 🙂


thank you Mary for all that you do and share!


warm aloha and blessings






LOVE what you are doing, can’t wait to spread the message!!! Just received my book order for traveling. Will only be at this address till July 30, feel free to use my email, off to Costa Rica!


Thank You!!!






Thanks to Mary for moving and graceful visit to Unity Church of Peace today. Hope she will visit again. My heart was warmed.


Love and Peace,





I have just read 3/4 of the Pause for inspiration book (which I got free with a book order from Pathways) and I just had to send you a note to express my gratitude. The book just resonates. It’s like you were sitting next to me talking to me, and like we were old friends that have known each other forever.


Thank you again.