What is it?

What it means to “Pause”


  • To Pause is to enter into that quiet space within you, even amid seeming chaos.
  • To Pause is to see you have a choice to Pause; wherever you are, whatever you are doing and whomever you are with.
  • To Pause is to employ a simple, practical and useful tool in living your everyday life in the world.
  • The Pause saves time, money and energy. Be effective and efficient in the Pause.
  • To Pause is to open to Peace, to Wisdom, to Knowing, to True Creativity.
  • To Pause is to recognize Inspiration is here and with us all now.
  • To Pause is move away from disconnection, towards connection.
  • The Pause is fully available to everyone, no matter what.
  • The Pause is not tarnished by the past, nor anxious for the future. The Pause is Now.
  • The Pause has no time and space constraints. Pause any time, anywhere.
  • The Pause is always shared.
  • The Pause is free.

What is Inspiration?


Inspiration is the Peace, Wisdom and Knowing that rests within everyone who is willing to accept what Inspiration shares. Inspiration is readily accessible to all. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing and whomever you are with, you have a choice to “go it alone” or Pause, Step Back, Invite Inspiration in to help and let this Inner Present Love lead the way.


inspiration leads, you follow.


IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT FOLLOWING: To follow is not to mimic. Follow Love and you will come to your fruition. It takes humility to follow, not stupidity; strength, not weakness. Humility is highly intelligent for it recognizes that there is a possibility that is more outstanding than what appears at first glance. (Excerpt from Pause For Inspiration, Living Health.