Who We Serve

Pause For Inspiration serves people of all walks of life, in diverse settings.


We focus on being Truly Helpful, “on-the-spot” “face-to-face” in the midst of everyday life. Everyone is called to be a living expression of Inspiration in the world.


Pause For Inspiration;

Wherever you are,

Whatever you are doing and

Whomever you are with,

In the midst of everyday life.


Ways We Serve


  • Ferguson, Mo unrest:  handing out cards, books and T-shirts at protests and free Thanksgiving dinner. Assisting Clergy United.
  • St. Louis Business Owners and their employees: injury prevention to local construction company and training to local commercial real estate company employees.
  • Local businesses share the Pause cards with their customers
  • Comprehensive Behavioral Health Center, East St. Louis, Illinois: Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation Center patients.
  • National Multiple Sclerosis Society St. Louis Chapter: Resident Facility and Spring Retreat.
  • St. Mary’s Outpatient Behavioral Health Clinic.
  • Psychologists, Counselors, Social Workers in Private Practice with children, adolescents and adults.
  • Oncology patients at Siteman Cancer Center
  • Missouri Occupational Therapy Conferences.
  • “Pause On The Streets”:  Helping homeless individuals in St. Louis, Sarasota, Chicago, San Francisco and New York.
  • Prisoners in U.S. shipped free materials.
  • Spiritual Communities and Conferences.
  • Annual Retreat at the Mercy Center, St. Louis.
  • Blog Posts:  moving-in-the-pause Showing the application of Pause in everyday life
  • Writing articles for publications
  • Speaking in the community
  • Teaching Pause to groups of all sizes
  • One-to-One Mentoring
  • “On-the-Spot”: Seeing everyday life in the world as the perfect ground for serving one another.