Incarcerated Person’s Card


(20 pocket-sized Pause cards FREE!)
$5.00 charge for packaging and postage.

Pause For Inspiration 3 x 5 Pocket-Sized Cards.
Durable, Easy to Read and Post anywhere as a re-Minder to Pause!

An ex-convict who was imprisoned for 10 years including 4 years in solitary confinement helped Pause create this card. We receive letters from those in prison expressing deep gratitude for the Pause free materials and how the Pause message and practice is changing their lives.

Want more cards or a different combination of the 20? Send us an email here.

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The prison experience can give rise to despair, loneliness, worthlessness and fear. Pause can help a person find The Peace of Mind Within so as to not lose hope and even begin anew.

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