Origins Of Pause

One day while sitting at a sidewalk café I saw a waitress who missed an opportunity to help someone by giving less than good service. About to return to my french fries, I had the thought, “Someone needs to help these people. They need training on how to be helpful.” Having worked in several service occupations since I was 17, I had a pet peeve about customer service. Yet, this thought that came booming into my mind caught my attention beyond my personal pet peeve. I began writing down what I thought was a customer service program, when the words “THIS IS FOR THE WHOLE WORLD” resounded in my mind. I saw in my mind that we are all one another’s customers and we are here to provide one another with supreme “customer service.”




In 2012 someone asked me about a phrase running throughout the audiobook, Inspired To Be Truly Helpful, that stated “Pause, Step Back, Step Aside and Let Inspiration Guide.” He asked, “What does that mean?” Instead of making something up that sounded good I went home and paused. In the pause I heard, “These are each a decision” and I was given “The 4 Decisions.” A few pauses later, we printed these on our 3.25 x 5 pocket-sized cards.