Health And Healing

The Inspired Minds View of Health and Healing.

Inspiration has a whole new way of seeing health and healing. It is breathing new life into our perceptions of the body by changing our mind about the body. What is the body for? What is sickness for? You have a role in healing. Your role is placing the body in the service of Inspiration. Health and healing is moving from an experience of disconnectedness to connectedness. Could this be where the meaning of life lies? Relax and listen on.

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AND ON THE HEARTS OF KELLI AND CATHY AT JORDAN’S PLACE. Robert White and myself traveled to Warrenton, Missouri and met with Kelli and Cathy, two women who started Jordan’s Place. Kelli lost her 17 year-old son Jordan in November 2014 to heroin. It was the first time he had ever tried heroin. These two remarkable women opened up a space in Warrenton where youth ages 13-19 can go to after school from 3pm – 9pm and on weekends, to be kids; A place to go to play, study, be with friends, laugh and be safe – a home for many kids.


These women inspired me. Their love and selflessness is so compelling, so real and practical, so present on earth – as Real Love always is. Like many others these days, they are resonating with the simple, practical, enlightening practice of Pause For Inspiration. They see its value and want to share it with their community. We are happy that Pause For Inspiration will be partnering with Jordan’s Place. VISIT: