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365 Pause Practices Day 332


Pause Golden Book page 42


Pause For Inspiration, The 4 Decisions
as an Extended Practice

Quieting is the practice of using this Guided Practice for at least 4–10 minutes,
or longer while sitting and resting comfortably.
Choose one word, one phrase, or use the whole practice.
No hurry. Be with.

You may choose to listen online to the Guided audio practice
(go to: https://pauseforinspiration.org/a-guided-audio-practice/)
or perhaps record The 4 Decisions in your own voice and listen.

All those new to ideas about centering the mind and living an Inspired Life—
a Being Truly Helpful life—will invariably find this practice helpful. At the
very least, it will leave you aware of the power of willingness. Those who
have been centering and living helpful lives for a while now are being invited to
return to the first step, the beginning— the Inspired Heart∞Mind where
innocence rests—and this we must do to Be Truly Helpful. 

Back to the beginning

Shared by Lisa

When I am trying to find where I placed my phone when I came home – I
go back to the beginning. When I am sewing a new pattern and the
instructions are confusing – I go back to the beginning.
When I need a Pause – I go back to the beginning.

An uncomplicated way to practice the Pause Practice is to begin at the
beginning – Pause. When I am willing to Pause and quiet my mind, I am
able to get out of my own way easier (Step Back). Once I am out of my
own way, I can ask, “Is there another way to see this?” (whatever it may be!)
and “What would be truly helpful right now?” (Step Aside) Once my
questions are put forth, I listen for Inspiration Within, and then I choose to follow
the guidance given to me (Let Inspiration Guide).

And just like any practice, the more I do it the easier it is to do! 

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365 Pause Practices Day 331


Willing to Belong to LOVE

the LOVE that loves you no matter what
always, unwavering, unceasing, forever

In this morning’s Pause to listen Within to a Voice wiser than
my cubicle self,
I heard,
I am willing to belong to LOVE.
That is my only part.
And as we are willing to belong to LOVE,
we will see that we belong to one another, in LOVE.
Nothing More, nothing less
is LOVE.



When you arise each day, set your mind on your willingness To Be Truly Helpful for this is welcoming your Inspiring Heart∞Mind Into your awareness, your day, your life. Throughout the day welcome your True Self again and again Simply by whispering “YES” to Inspiration Within. 

As you accept who you truly are, You are doing your part. As you do your part, Others are Inspired to do their part. You become an agent of Inspired Self-Acceptance. Each person accepting, being, and doing their part. And so Love flows one-to-one.

Pause Golden Book, page 319

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365 Pause Practices Day 330



Shared from the Pause Golden Book, Page 34:

Slow down. Listening to the voice watching the clock
telling you to hurry up?
Hmm. Start with slowing down.
Even in the midst of body motion the mind can slow down,
pause, and be still. The body will often follow.
Even deciding to slow down your body motion
is the decision to stop valuing being in a hurry.

Slow down my dear friend.

Shared by Natalie

The holidays are upon us and with that comes a quicker pace,
my mind racing through all the details for the activities we have planned with
family and friends. Some nights, while I lay in bed,
I Pause every moment so that I can simply fall asleep.

Pausing is so Helpful
to calm my mind, help me to slow down,
and to enjoy Peace in the Present moment!

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365 Pause Practices Day 329


I Did, I Am, and So Glad I Did and I Am

Sharing by Mary

So, how did your Thanksgiving Day go?
How is your today moving along?
What are you planning for tomorrow?


One of our 365 PAUSE recipients recently shared wise words with us:
“Pausing for about anything in life is a great practice.
Just need to remember to do it.
But the more we practice the more it becomes automatic.”
Thank you, Steve!

Whether I am teaching PAUSE to educators, students, parents,
healthcare professionals, business owners, those seeking peace of mind, etc.
I leave them with this:
If you remember nothing from what I said today, simply remember these
two questions as you go about your day:



Then I tack on:
Oh, and, Pause IS a Practice!

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365 Pause Practices Day 328


Imagine a Time

There is nothing more Calming to the Soul,
Loving to the Heart, Mindful of the Spirit, and
Peace Bringing to the Body than
From one’s INSPIRED SELF ~

Sharing by Mary

Imagine a time when you
GAVE from Your Inspired Self . . .

Maybe it was a smile or the willingness to notice someone’s presence whom you might
have otherwise ignored, a glance, an opening of a door, a skip in your step,
a cup of grace, a happy laugh, a gentle touch, pausing long enough to truly see
someone, saying hello to someone you’ve never met ~ even a child,
looking into a homeless man’s face while
giving and seeing the likeness of
your souls . . . on and on.

Giving with no thoughts of how it might benefit you, no expectations of ever
being paid back, no fear of sacrifice or interruption to your schedule ~

Giving and Receiving are the same and the experience is PURE JOY!

Pause Golden Book, page 280

enlarge ~ download ~ print


We appreciate you being willing to receive our 365 Pause,
your pausing to open and read them, and sharing with us
how valuable you are finding them to be!

The Pause Crew is Grateful for YOU!

. . . and I am grateful that the Pause message and practices have
been Given and continue to be Shared.

Be well,

Mary, John, Lisa, & Natalie





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365 Pause Practices Day 327


A brother from the same Mother

Shared by Lisa

On a recent visit home I had the pleasure of seeing my brother. I
have not spent time with him in person for a couple of years and
it was as if no time had passed since we had last seen each other.
My brother and I have always been remarkably close and supportive of each other.

The one significant difference between us is our political views. In
order to keep the peace between us, however, we do not
discuss politics. When we do, it usually turns into an argument and
we both leave with hurt feelings. This is NOT how I wanted this visit
to go. So, when my brother began to talk about politics, as he always does, I Paused.

I Paused and got out of my own way. Instead of getting upset
or trying to change his political viewpoint, I let him speak without
interruption. After he had a chance to say what he felt he
needed to say, I was inspired to say,
“That sounds like you have done your homework and are happy with what you found. I am happy for you.”

I was then inspired to change the subject so that is what I did.
Politics were not spoken of again and the visit with
my brother was loving, fun, and peaceful.

I am happy I followed Inspiration Within!

Pause Golden Book page 320

Trust is the
willingness to be aware of Inspiration,
listen to its guidance and follow it because you know it will inevitably lead to

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365 Pause Practices Day 326


The Driver Behind Me

Shared By Natalie

As I was driving in my car, I happened to look in my rearview mirror and noticed
the person in the car behind me looking upset, yelling, shaking his fist out the
window, and driving very close to my bumper. I was surprised and also unaware of
what might have had happened.

I PAUSED and asked Inspiration Within,
“is there another way to see this?”

As I Paused, I began to experience a sense of compassion
for myself and this other person.
I allowed Peace to come into my awareness, forgave us both,
and as I turned left, and the driver behind me was gone,

I Truly hoped that he could find
Peace in the midst of his day, too

Pausing only takes a moment to do 
and the rewards can be vast and Truly Helpful!

Shared from the Pause Golden Book, Page 69:

True forgiving is seeing beyond error, beyond appearances, beyond the
verdict of guilt and shame. True forgiving is accepting healing by
recognizing that there is no error so great that our Inspired connectedness
to one another can ever be severed. This is an Inspired fact that the
cubicle self in its cubicle condition cannot begin to understand, accept,
or see. This is exactly why we need the Inspired Self; precisely why we
cannot practice true forgiving without the Help of Inspiration Within. 

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365 Pause Practices Day 325


Experiments in Willingness

By Natalie

I have experienced comfort when I’ve taken a moment to Pause.
Pausing can bring a calm to my mind that has the potential to help me
choose words and actions that are Helpful, Loving, and Kind.

But I have to be WILLING to Practice
the first step: Pause.

~ Begin with a one moment Pause. Rest. ~

My Willingness to Pause can open the door
to Receiving Inner Wisdom
in the moment and throughout my day.

Do you want to experience Peace and calm in the moment?
Click on the card below when you are Willing
and try it for Yourself.

Shared from the Pause Golden Book, Page 207:

Being open to all possibilities inside this moment.
Simple Question. Simple Answer. Simply Say:
We Will NEVER Be Given More INSPIRATION Than We Can Handle

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365 Pause Practices Day 324


Inspired Hair Care Program

Shared by Natalie

I haven’t had my hair professionally cut, colored, & styled in almost 12 years. I’ve
been doing it myself, but I have really missed the self-care of going to a salon.
Highlighting my hair and trying to cut it evenly has been a challenge to do on my own.

After Pausing on this decision for about a month, I heard from Inspiration Within
to go to the Spa at my full-service gym. I attempted to make an appointment
on their fitness app, but I noticed that I was looking at the profiles of two stylists
and judging their ability to be sensitive to my needs based on their appearances.
Knowing this was NOT HELPFUL, I decided that I needed to Pause some more!!

The next time I went to the gym, I was guided by Inspiration Within to stop into
the salon and talk with them about an appointment. I spoke with the
manager who knew exactly which stylist I needed to see
and we set up an appointment for the same day!

And guess what? I enjoyed every aspect of the appointment and I
also loved the stylist. The whole experience was Truly Amazing.

I’m so glad I Paused and then Paused again!!

Inspiration Within is Infinitely Flowing,
whether I’m aware of it or not.

Shared from the Pause Golden Book, Page 87:
Inspiration flows freely through
the Inspiring Self Hearts and Minds of ALL —
we need only pay attention.

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365 Pause Practices Day 323


We Can’t Give What

We Don’t Have

sharing by mary

As I was waking up one morning, I heard deep Within in my Inspiring Heart~Mind,

“You must let Me give to you, before you

can give to them.”

Until we are willing to RECEIVE the PEACE of INSPIRATION, we truly have NOTHING TO GIVE.

Pause Golden Book, page 282

click on card to Receive PEACE

OPEN the Pause Golden Book to any page and





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