The Four Decisions


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The following was received from Inspiration Within as I chose to Pause, Step Back, Step Aside and Let Inspiration Guide.  I experience these words as being for the world and myself. “This Is For The Whole World” are the words that resounded in my mind as I began receiving the material for this book from Inspiration Within.

What is “Pause For Inspiration”?

Pausing for Inspiration is not a theory or a metaphor; it is a practice. It is a practice in being aware of the presence of Inspiration Within in our breathing, sleeping, waking, working, uptime, downtime, in the world time. It holds great potential for the one who is willing to put it into practice.  Pausing for Inspiration in the midst of the mundane brings Life into life so we may experience truly living.

What is “Inspiration”?

Inspiration is The Pure Spirit of Boundless, Immense Love literally living inside each and every one of us. This Inner Present Love is our very being—the Peace we seek.