Mary Lenihan’s Bio






One day walking along the beach having a spur of the moment inspired conversation with myself, the question came to me, “What do you do?” Without hesitation, I said out loud, “I run a mission and we Inspire the dispirited.” “We” clarified for me that others would be doing their part in carrying out this mission. Pause For Inspiration opens the door to this cause. On-the-spot wherever I am, whatever I am doing and whomever I am with, I practice pausing my mind and being willing to be Inspired To Be Truly Helpful. Sometimes, I am not willing! As I step out of my cubicle mind and into my Inspired Mind, I am forever amazed at what transpires. I may or may not be smart, but Inspiration is beyond brilliant –  in simple ways, seen and unseen.




I am happy to see that my life experience, education and work experience are all being put to good use. I graduated with a M.S. in Occupational Therapy from Washington University School of Medicine with faculty honors. At SIU-E, I completed a two-year course of graduate studies in clinical psychology, working my way through school with a teaching assistantship in Statistics and a fellowship. At SIU-E, I also earned a B.A. in Dance, summa cum laude. I graduated from the University of Missouri, St. Louis with a B.A. in Psychology, summa cum laude. I am a Certified Laban Movement Analyst having completed a one-year program at the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies in NYC.




I have been the Writer, President, Administrator and Service Provider for Pause For Inspiration since 2008. From 2001 – 2008 I taught Anatomy and Physiology, Shiatsu Japanese Massage, Movement, Ethics and Business at the Healing Arts Center, St. Louis. I worked for HEALTHSOUTH REHABILITATION from 1992 – 96 and 1998 – 2001 (with a break for graduate school) as a Movement Analyst and Occupational Therapist in the areas of Industrial Outreach, Injury Prevention, Spine Rehab, Hand Therapy and Pain Management. I also worked as an occupational therapist in acute rehab at SSM Healthcare. Before becoming an occupational therapist, I worked in retail management and sales, taught dance and waited tables. Life has not been boring!




I am truly thankful for my parents, both children of immigrants who gave me their utmost in “customer service.” They were live demonstrations of love and teaching the value of hard work. I learned to love them even more in their elder years when they needed my care. My father, who was a WWII veteran in the Timberwolves unit, clearly embodied their slogan, “Nothing in hell will stop the Timberwolves.” That is how I feel about Inspiration! He passed on in 2010 at the age of 93, leaving me with a memory of something he frequently said, “Mary, use the mind you were blessed with.” In my teenage years he began saying, “Mary, slow down.” I guess that was my training for Pause. I am now blessed to be a caregiver for my 90-year-old mother, whom unceasingly cared for our family. My father taught me strength in humility; my mother is still teaching me to be my True Self. And so, I pause, for Inspiration.


Truly Grateful,

Mary Lenihan, M.S.

One of Many Pause Helpers