Being a teen brings inspiration and challenges unique to each teen.  What could be better than getting to know who you truly are; the wonderful person you are distinct from everyone else yet connected to others in the world?  How does that sound?  Within you right now is Your Helpful Self. Your Helpful Self is the LOVE in you. Not the fufu love that loves you and others today and hates you and others tomorrow, but the LOVE that always loves. Would you like to experience the strength, wisdom and creativity in you? Are there times you want to be calm, kind, and helpful, but don’t know how? Maybe making safer and wiser decisions about life, school, friends and family sounds like a good idea. This potential is all within you through Your Helpful Self, right now! Give yourself this gift; choose something on your mind and heart right now, anything, and practice Pause. Have an experience of the unique value of you, others and perhaps even your part in this world.

It’s a choice; it’s a practice!.

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