The Willing Tree


Welcome to The Willing Tree – a service of Pause For Inspiration to help us each do our part in having peaceful relationships, healing relationships. Healing is moving from an experience of disconnection to one of connection. Relationships take practice! Practice begins with opening one’s heart, mind and life to LIFE in the biggest sense of the word. This LIFE is True Creativity (TC).


Everyday life presents us with many opportunities to practice being in relationship with LIFE, with TC. In the Pause, you can encounter Extraordinary Peace. That Peace is TC. Extending that Peace to another is literally creating!


Encounter Relationship

All encounters, from a moment’s duration, to a lifetime and everything in between constitute a “relationship.” Everything is in relationship to everything else. We are all in relationship to one another. No one is ever truly alone. Every encounter is a vehicle for True Creativity (TC) to enter our hearts, minds, and lives. TC is the ground for your relationship with yourself and our relationships with one another. TC inspires relationships. Encountering TC will transform you.


The Willing Tree focuses on practicing the following:


  • Willingness
  • Awareness
  • Encounter
  • Acceptance
  • Seeing Truly
  • Serving
  • Self-Healing
  • Practical Application
  • In Everyday Life in the World


Participate = to be and do your part

We invite you to participate in the midst of living your everyday life in the world. Participate online and/or in-person at gatherings if you live in the St. Louis/Metro East Illinois area – or if you are visiting this beautiful countryside.


Quick Clarity


Willingness = exercising your right to be

Awareness = the recognition of Life everywhere in everyone

Encounter = relationship as a vehicle for True Creativity

Acceptance = letting go of pushing away as an opening to transformation

Seeing Truly = beyond appearances, errors in judgment and the past

Service = the act of creating with True Creativity

Self-Healing = accessing the power of True Creativity to move towards connection

Practical Application = all of life presents opportunities to receive Inspiration

Everyday Life = wherever you are, whatever you are doing

and whomever you are with


The Bully on the Playground

Facing the Addiction to “Me”

It is human nature to be addicted to this “me-character” who fully believes that it is on its own, separate from any Real Love and is therefore, its only priority. Most likely, you are fully acquainted with “me”. We look to “me” for sustenance, power, to satisfy all of me’s needs and, if that is not enough, we look to me to tell us who we truly are – ouch!

Me crises befall us or me stagnation dulls our minds and dims our hearts – sooner or later all will come to see the me- undercurrent driving one’s life.


Facing Who You Truly Are

Time to be honest about this me-character, all of its traps, disguises, ways and woes. No need to shame me, blame me, guilt me, or any of those because me is already doing that! The way out of me is willingness to see who you truly are – in Something More. We shall call this Something More – True Creativity (TC).



Essential Relationships

True Creativity (TC) inspires relationship: Relationship with yourself, others and True Creativity. Your relationship with True Creativity is the “Life” present in all of our relationships. Unfortunately, the me- character is so busy trying to build a life all its own, it often glazes over and the thought of investing any time in a relationship with TC never makes it on the calendar.


Your Part Is Essential

Each one of us has an essential part in this life. We are responsible to do our part. TC is inspiring you to create, to do your part. What is yours to create?


The Purpose of Relationships

Relationships bring up that which remains unhealed in you, in order for it to be healed. Relationships are how you experience the JOY of TC within yourself and within others. Relationships are places to be Truly Helpful. So often, relationships seem to “die”, but TC never dies. Even if a relationship breaks off, experiences conflict or there is distance between, our connection to one another is without end. This is valuable information, as it helps us to not remain broken when there are feelings of separation or physical separation in any relationship. TC heals your brokenness, so you will feel whole again.

Relationships are how we get to know our me-character better and how we come to know who we truly are – if these things are what we really want to know. Ultimately, in our willingness to be patient, to love, we come to see that it is in relationships of all shapes and duration that we are invited to grow into wholeness together. To touch upon the reality that giving and receiving are one in the same.


TC Cares

TC does care about our human experience because TC cares about us. You are a remarkable thread on this Spool of Light. This Spool needs you to weave its light in the world. We are having this precious human experience, for which one can choose to be grateful, even with all of its pain and suffering. Every inch of being human is an opportunity to grow beyond mere inches! TC is just the help you need to do your essential part.


What Is Yours to Create with the Help of TC?

This is where willingness comes in – this is where pausing for TC creates all the difference. In willingness is the choice to pause. In the pause is TC. In TC is your purpose and help to fulfill your purpose. This is where your relationship with TC is essential. Simply say all throughout the day, I Am Willing.


Doing Your Part Is Your Truly Helpful Service for the World

Each moment you are willing to receive TC and share TC, the whole world receives TC – in ways seen and unseen. Maybe you see it, maybe you don’t – don’t mind the me mind who needs proof that its hard work is “paying off.” Hmm. Your trust in TC gives you the knowing that the outcome is always love, always peace and always wisdom; All we could have never conjured up on our own. Ah.