Touching In – Pause 2023 – Grateful for my Parents


Touching In

2nd and 4th Saturdays of the Month

Grateful for My Parents

A Story Shared by David, a Person Practicing Pause

The other day my heart melted as I passed by an elderly couple slowly walking
down the aisle at the grocery store. I Paused and noticed their smiles and
the love they clearly had for one another. In that moment,
I was reminded of my parents, Rosemary and Marshall.
They did so much for my brother and me, often without any thanks from us, and
sometimes with a little rebellion. Now that both of my parents are gone and I
have a daughter of my own, I realize the love they gave to us and the patience
they had with us, and I’m Truly Grateful.

Knowing that I can Pause
and ask Inspiration Within to Help Guide me
to be a Helpful, Loving, and Patient father
to my lovely daughter gives me True Comfort
In the Moment.

Shared from the Pause Golden Book, Pages 173-174:

Inspiration extends compassion, meaning it has a desire to help.
It helps us by walking with us as a Dear Friend and reminding us of
true compassion; our desire to love, to be loved, and to experience
love. Whispering:

Love unceasingly.
Love without measure.
Love without expectation of receiving,
For in your loving, all receiving is given you.
I will share Love with you. Now it is yours to share.
Is this not the help we seek?

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