Kids Can Pause

BE in the Pause and Notice

You HAVE An Inspired Mind!!!


Fight – Flight – Freeze OR PAUSE?


Common reactions to our communications, people, situations and environments that are perceived as stressful are:


  • Fight > Get angry, throw a tantrum, get into a physical altercation, argue, yell, drive recklessly, commit a violent act, etc.
  • Flight > Escape, avoid communicating, pretending you don’t know what is going on, shut down emotionally and/or physically, bolt out the door, become overly absorbed in an activity like watching television, surfing the internet, shopping etc.
  • Freeze > Your mind becomes as if it is paralyzed: You can’t think, you can’t feel, you can’t take action. A sense of “numbness” ensues or perhaps your body becomes sluggish even to the extent that you feel somewhat immobilized or stuck.
  • OR PAUSE > take a moment to find a “pause” in your mind, get out of your own way, open to another way and make safe, good and helpful choices.


Whether it is fight, flight or freeze, all these states leave us feeling uncomfortable, out of touch and often powerless. These inner reactions can lead a child to seek comfort in unsafe and unwise people, places, situations and behavior. Safe, good and helpful choices are not at the forefront of one’s mind in these states.


PAUSE is Another Way. Pausing for your Inspired Mind breaks the cycle of Fight/Flight/Freeze so a child is now free to choose his/her Inspired Mind. No longer bound to habitual reactions that do not serve a helpful purpose, a child is now free to respond from a place of calm, safety and wisdom.


Pause For Inspiration respects and encourages that we teach our children helpful behaviors. Yet, our focus is on helping children to access their Inspired Mind, an inner Wisdom that can be relied upon to make safe, good, and helpful choices. Your Inspired Mind directs you to perceive, think, say and do in ways that contribute to the smooth flow of everyday life; instill peace instead of chaos, look to how you can be truly helpful instead of the constant focus on “me,” and willingness to do your part!


Your Inspired Mind is that part of your mind that moves you to participate in life and relationships in ways that are calm, safe, helpful and wise, moment-to-moment.


KIDS CAN PAUSE is a simple practice in accessing your Inspired Mind; at home, at school, and at play. The Inspired Mind is the mind that is present. A mind that is present demonstrates better comprehension, focus, interest, access to helpful thoughts, more likely to initiate, sequence and complete a task, judges wisely, is safety-conscious, responds instead of reacting, and experiences a sense of connection to Self and others.


Your Inspired Mind is not only present, it is Inspired! Thus its motivation comes not from self-absorption and selfishness, rather your Inspired Mind is motivated by the desire to connect, serve, participate, share, help, use wisdom, and love. Your Inspired Mind focuses on this moment, right here, right now and what is needed for this moment to fulfill your potential. Your Inspired Mind is effective and efficient. Very important is the fact that your Inspired Mind, being in the moment, has a practical orientation; applying its gifts, creativity and wisdom in very practical ways at school, at home and at play.


Your Inspired Mind has a different value-set; valuing peace, calm, connection, serving, patience, joy, creativity, wisdom, hope, helpfulness and pausing; seeing all worth the time and energy to practice and apply to learning, playing, socializing, working and living everyday life. These traits become the building blocks of one’s everyday life.


What we value directly impacts

 how we use our time, money, space, and energy.

What we value influences what we perceive, think, say and do.

Pause For Inspiration is encouraging our children to look at what they are valuing and observe the connection between values and what they are perceiving, thinking, feeling, choosing and acting on.


What a child values deeply determines the

direction life takes because it

 leads to choices that help or hinder;

choices that create or break a life.


A simple shift into one’s Inspired Mind can change one’s inner experience – perceptions, thoughts and feelings – from one of chaos, conflict, confusion, and apathy to one of calm, connection, clarity and hope. Your Inspired Mind is empowering. Your Inspired Mind chooses behaviors. It changes behaviors, thus changing communication and relationships.


No two children are the same. KIDS CAN PAUSE recognizes and appreciates the differences among us are in fact the thread that pulls us all together. Thus we seek not to teach children a set group of behaviors, rather we serve each child in helping show them how to slow down and make truly helpful choices within the context of various situations, relationships and scenarios common to everyday life.


We share activities that provide an opening to engaging in the practice of accessing your Inspired Mind. A child in his/her Inspired Mind sees he/she has choices and can enjoy the responsibility of making choices that potentially impact their inner experience, life and the world in a positive, empowered and truly helpful way.