Why we do it …

Long Answer:


Many years ago, in my quiet time, I was trying really hard to find that quiet! Where is that quiet anyway? And then even when I did experience peace within, it disappeared as soon as I got on with my day. Hmm. Do I have to be sitting down with my eyes closed to find some inner calm? What about my To-Do list, work, relationships, everyday life responsibilities and everything else? I want peace with all that too!

What is mine to do? How can I help? Can one person make a difference? These were questions I asked myself daily. I would come up with big ideas but didn’t know where to begin with implementing them and give up. Or, I would accomplish and achieve a great many things, yet still feel empty on the inside.

In a moment of pause, I heard within, “Mary, stop trying so hard. Let LOVE, Love you.” A burden was lifted as I let go of trying to make peace happen and simply Let LOVE, Love me. It was, and still is, so cool. Easy to practice anywhere, anytime.

The root cause of so many of the challenges of being human is that even though we think people love us, and they may or may not, we are not truly receiving LOVE. Let’s face it, we humans are unreliable, unpredictable, blown about by changing moods, thoughts and life stuff, and we can love one minute and hate the next. We can give one day and take it back the next. In the mishmash of mind chatter we forget we can pause and see another way. That’s okay.

The good news is that there is a LOVE that Loves us, Inspiration is fully available to us 24/7, and each and every one of us has a Helpful Self. Yet what good is it if I am not taking it in, resisting receiving LOVE? Inspiration is only for creative people, right? I can think, read, and study about having a Self that is Wise, Peaceful and Helpful, but how do I connect with it? And, what does any of this seemingly ethereal talk have to do with everyday life?

We can choose to Let LOVE, Love us and experience Being Loved. In this, I experience that who I am is LOVE and I inevitably want to LOVE others! As I let myself receive Inspiration, I begin living daily life more creatively, which may simply mean how I communicate, the way I cook, how I schedule my time, expressing joy grocery shopping, etc. In this groove, I am literally helping myself and free to help others in ways I may have never considered. And, this all happens on the spot, in the moment.  It is that simple.

So, the answer to “What is mine to do” to feel a sense of purpose in life, to feel worthy of LOVE, is simply to Pause For Inspiration. Get out of my own way, listen to the Wise and Peaceful Guidance of Inner Inspiration and follow . . . in the midst of everyday life.

No need to wait for some special time or special place. Wherever I am, whatever I am doing, and whomever I am with, I can Pause and be present to those inner nudges, knowings, and inklings on how I can love, help and heal right here, right now. It may simply be a shift in perception and/or being moved to say or do, or not say or do something.

 I am not alone in wanting to experience more peace and love in the midst of living everyday life. This I know. As I practice Pause, not only do I have peace, but I also find that I am a loving person and I am inspired to extend love, peace, and help to others – and that is healing! As I do, the sense of lack in this me-character mind we all have, falls away. I experience being fulfilled, because I am complete in LOVE.

Now, after 10 years sharing Pause, we have a Pause Crew, Inspiration Station volunteers, and Pause materials have been requested and sent to over 25 countries, schools, hospitals, community organizations, and businesses have opened their doors to having us come to their location and teach The Pause Practice and share it with those they serve. Thousands of people of all ages and walks of life are experiencing how using Pause gives their everyday life renewed value, purpose, peace and a sense of being connected to the Whole.