Pause For Kids



Let’s reach for a Higher Goal with our kids. Let’s take them beyond the traditional definition of what it means to be a “good kid” and lead them into their own awareness of who they truly are in their Truly Helpful Self. All kids want is to be loved. The Inspired Mind loves! The best way we can love our children is in showing them how to access the Love within them and let their Inspired Mind shine forth. In Love they can feel safe and experience their worthiness and strength. Where is this Love? Right in one’s Inspired Heart∞Mind.


PAUSE FOR INSPIRATION is a practice that kids (and adults) can use to learn how to Pause and receive the gift of Inspiration present in one’s own heart and mind. It is only a Pause away! We cannot use what we don’t know we have to use, and we must use it to know we have it! We practice with kids how to “Use the Mind LOVE gave you”! This is the way to know your True Self. Imagine looking at a child and saying, “Pause. You have an Inspired Mind, listen.” Not only can the child be transformed, the adult can begin to realize that he/she has an Inspired Mind too! No one is short an Inspired Mind. We simply need to be willing to Pause. Your Inspired Mind is in the Pause.




THE PAUSE PLAY is a simple transition children can practice anytime, anywhere, no matter who they are with or what they are doing. Here is how it works:

THE PAUSE PLAY has 4 acts. Each act gives direction for you to do your part:


ACT 1:


I choose to slow down.

ACT 2:

Step Back:

I choose to take a deep breath.

ACT 3:

Step Aside:

 I choose to ask the Inspired Mind

inside of me for help.

ACT 4:

Let the Inspired Mind Guide:

I choose to touch my heart and follow LOVE.


So, when minds are chattering, sleeping, wanting to cause a raucous or maybe they simply are looking for a purpose, an adult can suggest a child practice “THE PAUSE PLAY”. When bodies are bopping like kangaroos and now it is time to be still, eyeballs are rolling like jelly beans and now it is time to look and see, mouths yawning like an elephant snoring, fingers tapping because all this is boring, arms flailing, feet kicking . . . an adult can remind the child of “THE PAUSE PLAY”. The adult can practice too! What wondrous adventures await the two!


There is a place in this world for you, and me.

You are worthy, I am worthy;

This is what the Inspired Mind sees.

No Inspired Mind is less than another; Every Inspired Mind is as valuable as each other.







THE PAUSE PLAY empowers our children to reach inside of themselves to find and experience their True Helpful Self. One’s True Helpful Self is helpful to the child and helps the child help others. By accessing the Inspired Mind children can come into the awareness of strength, kindness, compassion and patience within themselves. These qualities are far reaching and can be applied in school, with peers and teachers, at home and in discovering moment-to-moment what is their part, asking within, “How can I be truly helpful now”? Children experiencing the Inspired Heart∞Mind are truly empowered:


  • Believing, “I am worthy”
  • Healthier decision-making skills
  • Choosing wisely by Pausing first
  • Acting on inner strength facing peer pressure
  • Confidence in their True Self
  • Respect your body and those of others
  • Choosing activities to fulfill one’s potential
  • Experiencing a sense of purpose on the inside instead of looking for it in unwise people and places on the outside
  • Active, meaningful participation in life, relationships and the world we all share




We use the tools of music, drawing, painting, movement, reading, writing and the Inspiration the kids shine forth. Help our children open to accessing their Inspired Heart∞Mind!