5 CD SET or MP3: World Needs Your Help One-to-One — NOW!


5 CD SET or MP3: World Needs Your Help One-to-One — NOW! Inspired To Be Truly Helpful!

Received by Mary Gerard Lenihan

On this 5 CD Set or MP3, Inspiration doesn’t skip a beat! This is True Inspiration!

CD1: Inspired To Be Truly Helpful 1
CD2: Inspired To Be Truly Helpful 2
CD3: Relation Ship Sailing
CD4: Relationship Nuts & Bolts
CD5: Health and Healing

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Cubicle Mind or Inspired Mind? Dispiritedness or Inspiration? What you choose you get. What you get the world gets. A truly remarkable, often wild and hilarious listen as Inspiration gives you a tour of both the Cubicle Mind and the Inspired Mind. Pause – it’s not all about you. Hop on board for Relation Ship Sailing and see how the Cubicle Mind has been putting up the walls in your relationships. Don’t jump ship yet; the Captain shares 11 Relationship Nuts and Bolts to replace the screws we’ve been using to scuffle through relationships of all kinds thus far! Pause again, you deserve a rest! What about that body? What is it for? Inspiration breathes new life into our perceptions of the body by changing our mind about the body in Health and Healing.

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