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Dear Important Ones,

The World Needs Your Help One-to-One — Now! Yes, that’s right – all you kids of all ages — that’s you adults too — we are all important. You have an important part to play. Without you something is left undone that needs to be done. Without you someone is left unloved who needs to be loved.

Oh, and you are worthy! That means you have a Helpful Self, who is your True Self. Your Helpful Self is the inner quiet guide (that we each have) that points you in a helpful direction.

Do you want to get to know your Helpful Self? If you do, it can help to read this book!


“An empowering action plan for children and the adults who educate and care for them. The message is a reminder that we are never really alone, we always have a choice that brings us together, and that a helpful mindset can yield immediate and conflict-free results. I view this book as a highly valuable addition across home and school settings. And that children will enjoy putting it into practice.”
Dana Marrocco, Ph.D.
Licensed School Psychologist & Author

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