The Pause For Inspiration Paperback Book


Paperback Book: Pause For Inspiration, in the midst of everyday life

Received by: Mary Gerard Lenihan

A Truly Inspired Pause that is ready-to-use now; wherever you are, whatever you are doing and whomever you are with. Everyday life is the scene for moving from your Cubicle Mind to your Inspired Mind. Inspiration Within does not mince words when it comes to naming and showing us the insanity of the Cubicle Mind and the brilliant, practical nature of the Inspired Mind. Learn how to get from one to the other – NOW!

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The author of this remarkable book leads you into a vision of who you truly are as one being led each day by the vision of True Inspiration. The key is being willing to Pause, step back from this me-character, receive Inspiration already present within your Inspired Mind and follow! It is a right here, right now ride as you open to experiencing the Extraordinary in the ordinary! Begin with a Pause.

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