The Pause Practice Card

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20 pocket-sized Pause cards FREE!
$5.00 charge for packaging and postage.

Pause For Inspiration 3 x 5 Pocket-Sized Cards.
Durable, easy to read, and post anywhere as a re-Minder to Pause!

Here it is. A clear, user-friendly, and simple practice to help you access your Inspired Mind who is always peaceful, wise, and truly helpful.

“Find the Pause” within you; access your Inspired Mind! Practice The Pause: Pause, Step Back, Step Aside and Let Inspiration Guide. Once you’ve found it, now what? Use the Pause Practice cards to ask Inspiration Within your Inspired Mind anything: what to eat, how to get along with someone, how to work smarter, or even improve your golf swing! Is there another way to see a person, a situation or yourself? What would be truly helpful now?

So often, in the moment, we don’t Pause to truly listen to what would be truly helpful. Every moment of life is an opportunity to access your Inspired Mind and do your part. Apply this straightforward practice in your activities, relationships, communications, situations, and circumstances. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing and whomever you are with; Pause your mind anywhere, anytime.  SHARE THE PAUSE CARDS with people you know and those you don’t. Lift another up today and you will be lifted up as well.

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1 review for The Pause Practice Card

  1. Rev. Terry Deuber (verified owner)

    Wonderful cards! I am a spiritual counselor and use these cards in my surrender groups. Clients love them.

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