Inspiration Asks a Question!

Inspiration Asks a Question!

There is something we all want in this life and though we may not be able to describe it or name it exactly, I will venture to give it a descriptive name, “simple, uncomplicated LOVE.” Here we are, all of us, making up this world. That’s right, we are making the world. The world is not a separate entity. It is not going away through my ignorance, denial, inattention, calling it an illusion or plopping it in someone else’s lap. Last I checked, this world, that would be all of us, needed some help. What kind of help? Simple, uncomplicated LOVE.


Inspiration is asking for volunteers. The cubicle self is volunteering dispiritedness and selling dispiritedness, often at a hefty price. Your Inspired Self is volunteering simple, uncomplicated LOVE, and that’s free! The choice is mine. Which will I volunteer in this moment? What I choose I get. What I get, the world gets.


The Pause Practice helps me volunteer simple, uncomplicated LOVE!


(excerpt from Pause for Inspiration, in the midst of everyday life; Living Health)





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