Sharing Teens Can Pause

Sharing Teens Can Pause

PAUSE FOR YOUR HELPFUL SELF at home, at school and in life is a practice in how to pause! The TEENS CAN PAUSE Practice is for any teenager who wants to connect with their Helpful Self in their thoughts, relationships, communications, activities, situations and circumstances.

Your Helpful Self is the LOVE in you! The Pause Crew had the wonderful opportunity to share the TEENS CAN PAUSE PRACTICE with special needs youth. We never cease to be touched in a very deep way by these youth who are living with various special needs and learning to overcome the obstacles. We are unceasingly amazed by the insights many of these students will share with us during conversations about Pause. Like most of us, they are wanting to connect with something deeper within themselves to give them a clearer sense of direction and come to know who they uniquely are beyond a diagnosis or a label. Like all of us they want to be seen truly. Like all of us they want to do their part.

PAUSE FOR YOUR HELPFUL SELF at home, at school and in life is our TEENS CAN PAUSE PRACTICE. We created it in 2016 modeled after our original 2012 Pause Practice: Pause for Inspiration, The 4 Decisions. TEENS CAN PAUSE is 4-step practice in making wise choices. As a teen is willing to apply the practice to an everyday life event, say making new friends, listening in the classroom or community service, they can potentially open to an inner experience of their Helpful Self that is always safe, wise and truly helpful.

A Guided Practice on the back of the card takes each step in a bit more detail to potentially help you see and experience how valuable this practice can be . . . all in the midst of everyday life!

You can order FREE PAUSE PRACTICE CARDS at: Pay only $3 for packaging and shipping for 20 cards. If you are affiliated with an institution such as a school, healthcare facility, nonprofit, government, or community organization, PLEASE CONTACT US to discuss larger quantities of free cards:

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