Tennis Player from Venezuela On Love

Tennis Player from Venezuela On Love

“You start loving you when you start pausing. We have to be in touch with ourselves. How do we find a way through our problems? Pause. Your Helpful Self will make good decisions for you – we think too much,” Danny Bandres volunteered to share the Pause for Your Helpful Self Practice with a group of teens from two St. Louis high schools who are looking to better themselves.

Danny encountered the Pause for Your Helpful Self Practice and was immediately willing to apply it to playing tennis. When he saw how much it improved his ability to be more present, calm and focused, he decided to use it in everyday life. One day his bathtub plumbing exploded! He shared that in the past he would have exploded along with it, but he remembered he could Pause, Step Back, Step Aside and Let his Helpful Self Guide. Needless to say it was game, set, match for Danny versus the household snafu.

The high school students listened intently to Danny as he shared his own life experience saying, “I wish when I was your age someone would have told me I could be better, but my mind was bad. You have to work at being better. It takes practice.”

Danny spoke about how we listen to television and everyone else telling us who we are. “We want to be like that big guy or this person. We need to listen to what’s inside us. Listen to and accept who you are truly and start loving yourself; Pause for Your Helpful Self.”

Life is about loving you and loving the people around you,” says Danny. Thank you Danny for volunteering your time to give what you have received practicing The Pause.

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