St. Louis Public Schools Transition for Life Fair

St. Louis Public Schools Transition for Life Fair

The transition from high school to adult life can be tricky business to say the least. I remember feeling totally lost after high school graduation. I had a job at McDonald’s Hamburgers, but where do I go from here?

The Pause Crew had a blast being with these special-education students from numerous St. Louis Public High Schools for 5 presentations! Daniel Bandres, a tennis pro, shared how he experiences the value of the PAUSE FOR YOUR HELPFUL SELF practice and the students were wowed by his passion and real life stories. Bridget Long, educator, shared how using The Pause Practice helped her experience greater peace in her relationships. I, Mary, had a moment of inspired tap dancing that I discovered is a good way to get people’s attention! The students yelled out, “Do that again!” Even that was sharing about PAUSE. We never know how our HELPFUL SELF will reach into the moment showing us what to say or do that can bring joy and laughter.

The mission of Transition Services is to provide students, and their parents, with support and assistance in searching for a job, job training, secondary education opportunities and other health-related issues as they grow towards independence.

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