365 Pause Practices – Day 11

How Do We Enter?

What is Love?

If a child is having a nightmare, do you lock them inside their room to bear the nightmare alone or do you enter with the strong hand of LOVE to calm the fear?

When you enter with LOVE, a whole battalion enters with LOVE.

When you enter with fear,

you enter alone.

Which is stronger?

(pg. 5)


Tuesday Pause

How I Enter

Today I am deciding, and I am inviting you, to Pause and notice as we enter places, conversations, situations, thinking about people, engaging in an activity, are we entering with LOVE or fear? This is in fact how today’s email has come into being!

See “Uh Oh” >>>>>

Practice Pause For LOVE
for help with How You Enter

“Uh Oh”

Mary’s Pause Day 11

I was feeling a bit fearful because of what I shared in yesterday’s email. Hmm. Maybe I was too honest, what will people think of me now? LOLOL. Who am I to share Pause? Yes, the cubicle mind creeped in. Glad I recognized it!

The cool thing is that our moments of “…unknowing, unwillingness, self-centeredness & unawareness have no effect on LOVE’s Knowing, LOVE’s Willingness, LOVE’s Ever-Giving Nature and LOVE’s Awareness” (pg. 5).

“Such is how LOVE is LOVE. Such is how there is nowhere LOVE is not.” Including within me, in you, in all of us…even in those we judge.


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