365 Pause Practices – Day 12


“a conversation with my inner wisdom ~ my mentor within”

I hope you pause to read this, not for me, for you! My whole life I wanted a mentor! Yet, none appeared. Nineteen years ago the words “The Mentor Within” came into my mind. Wow, I have an inner mentor – my True Self sourced by LOVE, whose WISDOM opens my eyes and helps with life stuff!

Today I pause to ask The Mentor Within, “Teach me about worthiness and healing unworthiness.” The following is the response I received. I am healed by it and trust you can be too. Thank you!

Mary: Mentor Within, teach me about worthiness and healing unworthiness. It’s such a root problem in the human condition.

MENTOR: If you take the ego – small mindedness – seriously, you will inevitably experience unworthiness – a lack in your value. Firstly, the ego is hypervigilant when it comes to framing itself as worthy or unworthy. It is obsessed with appearances, yet, ironically, also with how to heal what lays beneath these appearances. While pretending its appearances are real, it is drowning in a deep sense of loneliness that nothing or no one seems to be able to heal. This duality is extremely painful.

Attempts to heal ego unworthiness – the belief that I am not enough, who I am is wrong – which one may or may not be aware of – are fraught with disappointment and endless searching, as it is the small-minded ego that is trying to heal unworthiness. The ego mind that is broken and filled with retaliation, that suffers deep abandonment, is ill-equipped to heal unworthiness.

Mary: Whoa, what a mess. Now what?

MENTOR: Look at how much faith you put in this ego lack of substance and reason though it wears and tears on your bones. Why such self-abuse? LOOK AGAIN, yet not alone with the ego suffering loneliness; look again with your Source in LOVE giving you PEACE.

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Sound familiar?

Faith in loneliness, the cause of all suffering, is to be acknowledged, not denied, yet another way of seeing is given you with which to look upon the ills of the world, the self-made. Trust Another Way. We are taught that to Love One Another is this Way. But not with appearances (that is, not to pretend to love one another) or with the lonely mind that generates false love. NO!

Consider the lilies of the field. Their beauty roams free. Not the result of an ego’s hard work to appear beautiful and self-driven accomplishments – no – but because their True Nature is unshrouded by anything else. They are not trying to be something other than their True Nature.

The question of healing unworthiness only arises in the mind that is suffering from the brokenness of not accepting its True Nature within True LOVE. Even it recognizes this can’t be right!

Practice Pausing for Accepting Your True Nature
In and As LOVE

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