365 Pause Practices – Day 31

To Step Back Is to First Notice What

I am Stepping Into!


Stepping back from thinking appears to be nonsense. However, Inspiration is not thinking what you are thinking when Inspiration says, “step back from thinking.” To step back is to first notice what it is I am stepping into. Notice how you step forth in your mind without pausing to see whereabouts you are headed! What is it that draws you into certain thinking that holds no future for you? No real future.

Ask yourself when you choose to remember, “Am I here to share peace or commit to the ongoing pain of myself and my fellow travelers here in this world, on this earth? Is it not worth a moment of your preciousness to humble yourself to peace?

All that will be humbled is the hatred and unworthiness

you carry on your back and

ask others to carry for you. Let it go. (pg. 16)

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What Was I Thinking?

Yesterday I shared feeling overwhelmed, I paused and followed My Helpful Self’s guidance to practice Self-care. So glad I did!

Now, what were the thoughts behind my feelings? You too. Do you want to uncover the thoughts behind the lack of peace you may be feeling?

Wanna Pause? Rest, breathe, open to calm, let your heart be quiet a moment.

Look at your thoughts underlying your feelings. What are they? Mine are: I am in this alone. Where will I find time for this? I’m excited for this opportunity but worried about what is priority. Your thoughts?

Perhaps you notice some sensations in your body with these thoughts and feelings. I sense a heaviness in my chest. You?

Be willing to welcome Help. What is your Inner Helper thinking? Mine says, “Mary, you are only in this alone if you want to be. I will provide, but you have to let go of what you THINK is your part.” Ahh.

Let Inspiration Guide. I trust there is a Peace and Knowing greater than what I am thinking yet still within me.

My Practice: Letting go of what

I THINK is my part.

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