365 Pause Practices – Day 33

Stop Turning Ridiculousness

Into More Ridiculousness

WORRY! Worry is mistakenly viewed as a way to protect myself from harm.

All safety begins in the mind. A mind at peace is a mind that is safe. As feelings of vulnerability arise, be open to Inspiration living inside of me –


We have access to a mind that was not composed by fear,

but by Love. Let this be the mind, your Inspired Mind,

doing any required figuring.

(PAGE 17-18)

Shall I attack back?

The other day I was inspired in my morning pause to send a text message out to a group of friends about my realizing how much I wanted peace of mind. One person immediately reacted with what I perceived and experienced as an attack. This person took my healing awareness as an opportunity to hide behind words that clearly implied that they were happy that I am now seeing the world the way they see the world!!! WHAT?

Honestly, initially I didn’t pause. I reacted with trying to FIGURE out how to attack back in a similarly underhanded fashion! I figured it would have to be well-disguised and cloaked in “love”, but then I worried because I knew I was hurdling myself and others down a treacherous path. Yes, now I paused.

In my pausing, I watched my figuring, worry, and then I leaned into LOVE.

Turns out that what I perceived as an attack was increasing

motivation for me to continue Pausing for My Helpful Self.

I began laughing out loud and my feeling hurt and plotting

on how to attack back fell away. LOLOL

Stop turning ridiculousness into more ridiculousness!


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