365 Pause Practices – Day 36

Simple, Uncomplicated LOVE

I Paused For LOVE this afternoon because I had become aware of a “wall” in my mind that was interfering with helpful communication – both understanding and feeling understood. In the Pause, I pulled out my legal pad and wrote the words, “simple, uncomplicated love”.

I became aware of a layer of grief rising to the surface. Realizing then that this grief was from a past brokenness that had become a wall. I was surprised as I felt I had fully grieved this situation. I began to write,

What makes “love” so complicated is that I make it personal >

I love you, but I don’t love you. This isn’t LOVE.”

Then I received a gift of immeasurable delight. As I was grieving over what seemed irretrievably broken, I saw it to be sealed by LOVE, therefore incapable of being broken. In my mind’s eye I saw This Seal of LOVE over that which I grieved. A seal that cannot be broken, not a seal that we human beings think we need to try and fix or heal. The Seal of LOVE is Real LOVE and cannot be torn apart, hence it is in no need of repair. This is how LOVE is LOVE.

In my continuing pause, The Seal of LOVE wasn’t done with me yet. I saw how all of life, everything, and everyone are all held together by This Seal of LOVE. There is nothing we can do to change that. But I can change my mind about the “love” I misconstrue as Real LOVE.

It is my decision to turn away from the little love I make and turn towards This Seal of LOVE in whom I am received, heard, seen and whole. It is in This LOVE that the desolation of my wall is lifted and consolation takes its place.

In Real LOVE, we are not seen as unworthy pions,

but as one whom calls for LOVE

and LOVE responds.

In fact – and I can’t believe I am saying this – LOVE is impersonal. I’ve always hated when people said this because I feel LOVE so deeply. Impersonal is meant to mean that regardless of what we human beings do to one another – the atrocities we lay upon one another and the world, that are tragic in time – The Seal of LOVE remains in perfect Wholeness – FULLY and COMPLETELY INTACT. LOVE continues to love us no matter what and we can open to a personal experience of This LOVE.

Simple, Uncomplicated LOVE

Heals what I thought could not be healed,

Loves what I thought could not be loved.




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