365 Pause Practices – Day 38

365 Pause Practices – Day 38

Being truly helpful?


the cubicle self queries.

The only reason we ask this question when the INspired HeartMind is nudging us to wake up, is because we feel depleted and we are looking for something to fill us up.

ONE DAY we find ourselves no longer asking this question, “What’s in it for me?” We will be experiencing “What’s in it for me” in the moments of our being truly helpful (pg. 132-133).

Being the eyes, ears, hearts, hands, and feet of

~ Inspiration ~


Have you ever not wanted to go to a social gathering, participate in a group of some kind, or lend-a-helping hand? I have.

Many years ago working as an occupational therapist in a hospital, I was part of a group with coworkers but decided to stop attending. A co-worker asked me what happened. I said, “Oh, I’m just not getting anything out of it.” To which in her good-natured way she replied, “Mary, maybe you’re supposed to be there for someone else.” My eyes were opened.

We experience, don’t we, an uplifting sense of spirit and purpose when we are present for others? Even if it’s in those moments of holding a door open, picking up something someone dropped, or showing up for an event and finding ourselves listening to a stranger sharing something, who needed someone to listen.


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