365 Pause Practices – Day 74


The Illusion of Progress

What’s the Plan for You?

Sometimes what appears to be two steps forward according to
the world’s standards, is two steps back.

As Co-founder/creator and Facilitator for Pause For Inspiration, I work six days
a week and wear many hats! When I use The Pause Practice, I enjoy this
work; when I go on my own steam, I don’t! Stress wins out. Often, I receive
requests to write articles for various publications and PAUSE goes out and
about into the world teaching and sharing The Pause Practices. Love it.

In this morning’s pause, I begin expressing gratitude in little ways for seemingly
little things; water, food, the tree out my window, the window, my comfy chair,
and for Pause; all the opportunities to share this super simple, practical, and
helpful in-the-moment practice. What a gift.

I pause, again. In this moment’s pause, I step back from what I think
of as “progress” and listen to Inner Wisdom, available to us all, on the
subject. Wisdom lulls me into rest and asks me to
stop valuing pushing and producing.

It’s okay to say “No.”


Why Say “NO”?

I was asked to write an article, didn’t pause, and said, “Yes”! I decide to practice Pause for Wisdom for help with why did I say yes when I don’t have time?

In my Pause, I learned a well-needed lesson about why I don’t opt for the often wise, “NO”.

Inner Wisdom informs me that my ambition to excel can trip me up. As I appear to be moving forward, I may be lagging behind. What? How can that be?


The weight of the world is deceptive; it deals out so-called opportunities, hammers away at achieving and accomplishing, and the rewards of recognition, yet it can lure one’s
soul into a sense of
self-sufficiency and pride.
This undermines the true purpose of the gifts one has been given.

No accident that this awareness turned into an article AND I remembered an article I wrote last fall that hasn’t been published yet! So, I have two articles.





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