365 Pause Practices – Day 75


My Inspired Self Goes to the
Tax Office!

Your Inspired Self IS

  • Not confused, hence it is not here to confuse.
  • Not fearful, so it does not cause fear.
  • Not a shrinking violet, hence it does not hide its light under a bushel.

CONFUSION, FEAR & MAKING YOURSELF SMALL cause indirect and muddled communication.

Your Inspired Self directs the thinking traffic jams and clears the air.


Pause at the Tax Office

I swing into the local tax office to sign a document to file my taxes. I ask
the receptionist for a copy of what I signed. She looks at me as if I asked when the next spaceship to Venus leaves.

She goes in search of a tax professional who comes out telling me I can’t have a copy because I already have a copy. “No,” I say, “I just signed this. I don’t have a copy, but I would like a copy for my records.” She looks like she’s already in-flight to Venus. I ask, “Do you not have a copy machine?”

They both go into a back office and out they come with another tax professional. Yes!!! He’s also in a quandary about making a copy. I say, “Ok, this isn’t complicated. I simply want a copy of what I just signed.” He looks at the document as if he’s being asked to copy the TOP SECRET spaceship’s path to Venus.

DIRECTLY and CLEARLY I repeat my request. I stand there still pausing, haven’t said anything rude and I refrain from bringing up that I’ve spent the last year waiting for them to correct the mess they made of my tax returns for 3 years! So, it could get ugly, but I step back.

More space cadet behavior was exhibited. I opened to what would be helpful I found myself joyfully laughing saying, “We can do this guys.” Finally, the third tax guy says, “Ok, I’ll make a copy.” LOLOL

What was all that about?

An opportunity for me to practice The Pause!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Choose one person with whom you want helpful communication
I am willing to Pause with this person today.
Whether in my thoughts, face-to-face, email, phone, or text,
I choose to Step Back from thoughts, feelings, and words that
hinder our communication.
I am willing to welcome Inner Wisdom for help being present with and listening to this person.
I can ask, “Is there another way to see this person?”
“What would be truly helpful now?”
I am willing to receive and follow Inner Wisdom so I can
communicate directly and with clarity and calm.





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