365 Pause Practices – Day 77


Something Wonderful

Pause is a message without pompous appeal,
mass appeal, or worldly appeal.

I spent too much of my life looking to other people whom I
thought knew something I didn’t. I mistook their positions, age,
careers, costumes, roles of authority, words, self-confidence, and the
books they read and/or written as demonstrations of knowing. I was
deceived by appearances.

All the while I knew. I knew Something Wonderful.

This Something Wonderful was clear to me for as long as I can
remember. It was clear because it was Certainty; it was LOVE, and
LOVE is Certainty.

Pause is Sharing Something
You Can Refuse!

If You Do Nothing with these “Pause Posts” after reading them, that will be fine, as they will have done something worthwhile within you. And this you will take with you wherever you go.

Yet, if you choose to apply all 4 Steps of The Pause in your everyday life communications, relationships, activities, and situations, you will receive so much more. I leave that with you to experience for yourself!


Step Back

Step Aside

Let Inspiration Guide

Certainty seldom reveals itself to those who do not want to hear it. LOVE is Certainty. The choice to hear is always ours.

page 7, Pause Yellow Book

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