365 Pause Practices – Day 79


Give Some Space

One can mistakenly think that Practicing The Pause means that they have
to make their mind completely turn off and go blank! No, no, no. There’s
no need to push away your thinking, feeling, planning, figuring, judging,
saying, and doing. No need to pretend they are not there. Simply give
some space. Fear pushes away, Inspiration draws you close; gladly
receiving from you all that you choose to hand over in exchange for
Another Way ~ The Way of Peace.

Better to have a bad day and eventually
come into the presence of Inspiration Within
than to have a “good” day all on your own.
page 21-22 Pause Yellow Book

Practice Allowing Space

Giving some space happens in your stepping back from yourself and all that is happening in your mind. Spaciousness enters and lightens the load (page 22).

Follow Along:

Begin with a one moment pause ~ breathe.

With each pause, each breath, letting mental and bodily tension gradually dissolve. No effort.

Lighten the load.

With each pause, the mind begins to feel more spacious, each breath like a gentle breeze blowing away the debris and allowing more space in the mind.

Breathe this spaciousness ~ in and out.

The mind becoming an open field, a vast view ~ free to receive rest, allowed to be; restful body.

Rest is an act of LOVE in you. Be at rest; allowing more and more LOVE and WISDOM to come into this spaciousness all around you and within you.

Continue gentle breaths.

Open Pause Yellow Book to any page for a snippet of Inspiration.





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