365 Pause Practices – Day 80


Wrestling With LOVE?

What does it mean to wrestle with LOVE? It is to enter into a relationship
with This LOVE ~ Getting to know who and what This LOVE IS. Asking,
“What does LOVE have to do with relationships, my work, how I spend my
time, everyday life, and the state of the world?

I am continuing to see the answer to this question is, “EVERYTHING!”

There comes a time in our lives when we want to know who we truly are.
One may ask a variation of, “Who am I?” LOVE’s answer is freely given. Yet,
one may not be willing to receive the answer without putting up a fight.

Herein lies the true transformation through LOVE;
in our wrestling with who and what we think LOVE is.

It doesn’t make sense to the cubicle mind as to why anyone would fight
against freedom ~ against recognizing one’s True Self in LOVE. So, what is
this wrestling with LOVE about?

Why do we resist LOVE?

The fear associated with coming into the awareness of who you truly are is so great, that one can barely see to stand it ~

The misunderstanding is that when you come into the awareness of who you truly are in LOVE, it is not that you will not be able to stand ~ it is that you will finally be able to see.

(page 37 pause book)

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