365 Pause Practices – Day 81


Above artwork: Mary Kirkou


General Guidelines for Practicing PAUSE
Here’s what works for me to receive Help from within:

  • The Choice Is Mine: I usually Practice The PAUSE, using one of the cards you can find here, at least once a day preferably in the morning. This helps to stabilize awareness of inner Wisdom, how easy it is to access the Wisdom within, and recognition of my choice to ignore or receive Wisdom in the midst of everyday life.
  • Willingness Is Everything: As I am willing, which isn’t always, I use the 4 Steps of PAUSE, wherever I am, whatever I am doing, and whomever I am with. Wisdom is always safe, kind, wise, and truly helpful.
  • I Got This? My goal is to not exclude anything; even those activities, situations, and relationships which I think “I got this.” Because a task is repetitive or I think I know someone well or what to say, doesn’t mean PAUSE does not apply. In fact, Pause may prove to help you and others in unexpected ways in those areas of life with which we are “familiar”.

Our routine daily rituals are fertile ground for a Pause
to open a window in our minds and let in some fresh air.

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I find it truly helpful to use The Pause before, during, and after any life situation.


As preparation for a meeting, my work day, a conversation, email or text, setting priorities for the day to receive calm, efficiency, clarity of focus, to be safe, prevent conflict, and establish peace of mind.


To gain greater awareness of Inspiration’s presence and direct helpfulness. Be directed as to how to be present and respond in communications, to slow down and be present for moving through a task with greater ease, allowing creativity, patience, and being of service.


Reflect on my perceptions, thoughts, and judgments of myself and/or another or a situation. What was helpful? What perceptions, words, and actions were not so helpful? How am I being present with myself and others, or not? Was I getting out of my own way to listen to inner Wisdom or did I get caught up in appearances and the status quo woe?





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