365 Pause Practices – Day 83


The Back of The Heart

The Power of Pausing

a heart transplant

One day the back of the heart opens. It can’t be predicted; it can’t be forced. It
can’t be maneuvered or planned. It can be welcomed. Something inside finally
frees up a “YES” to LIFE in the biggest sense of the word, in a mundane moment.
Such is The Power of Pausing.


This past Sunday, the first day of spring, at a meeting of Pause helpers and
volunteers, I had this experience! Just before walking into the meeting, I gather
inner support as I practice PAUSE FOR INSPIRATION. I sit down at the dining
room table taking notes on my handy legal pad, resting in a pause, and
suddenly, without warning, the back of my heart sends the heart-guards away
and flies out of its nest, its’ wings fluttering to the “front” of my heart; the heart I
think of as my heart. This new humming heart replaces the front of my heart
which had been standing in all this time. A heart transplant!

What one Pause for Wisdom can do;
a new mind, a new heart, freely given, freely received.

I am grateful for the heart I have thought of as my heart that has served me well
all these years. Protecting me, warning me, looking out for me, showing me how
to serve another ~ how to love, guiding me through the shadows this way and
that, directing my radar when darkness disguised as the light was headed my
way ~ though I often ignored those signals and suffered the consequences.

I took that pain and suffering, the crooked and fragile cracks in my heart, (three
that I thought would never heal), and laid them at the feet of ABSOLUTE LOVE.
The LOVE that is All-Encompassing, All-Forgiving, and whose mercy is without
limits. For if I was to carry them any longer I was sure to fade completely and no
one would notice I was missing, including me.

Healing is moving from an experience of disconnection to connection.

Healing is not on my timetable, never looking how I think healing should look, or
is how I ask for it to be. LOLOL. What do I know?

The front of my heart has held me until I was ready for the
back of my heart to reveal who I am truly in This LOVE.

You Are Worthy of a Pause

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