365 Pause Practices – Day 142


What About Body Stuff?

feel better
moving in the pause®

As I began writing this, I hear Loving Wisdom speak into my thoughts,
“Go move your body.” I choose to follow. Well into my third week of a case of acute sinusitis, my mind and body feel as though I have been
plodding through the mire.

Moving In The Pause can happen while seated, standing, lying, or walking 

As I open to Loving Wisdom, I am guided to lay on the floor and simply allow my body to Be Moved ~ nothing complicated. Not trying to prove anything to my self, no stopwatches, no counting repetitions; simply moving as I am led to move with this inner wise voice.

By the way, this wise “voice” speaks to us in our own thoughts, our own voice ~ nothing weird going on here. You’re not channeling an outside alien force! LOL

I simply pause and
allow the movement of my body to follow the inner impulses of this 
wise voice within ~ my body simply communicating and expressing inner Wisdom. I don’t have to think about it.

moving joints
stretching muscles
making sounds
(you’ll be amazed how helpful sounding can be – “ahhhh”)
inhaling ~ exhaling
becoming rested

No one is watching you, so you can let go of self-judgment

Then I hear, “You don’t have to do a lot.” This is helpful because my
cubicle mind tells me I have to do a lot OR don’t bother doing anything!
Sound familiar?
Choosing to listen and follow my wise inner voice draws this
Moving In The Pause to a close.

Listening and following your inner wise voice is always beneficial,
always loving, and always makes sense – it’s practical and useful.

I feel so much better and I have good energy. I also received the wisdom 
to share this experience with you so you can practice
Moving In The Pause and EXPERIENCE what the voice of
Loving Wisdom within you wants to share with you.






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