365 Pause Practices – Day 143


Inspiring the Dispirited

sometimes that’s me

Walking along the beach in February 2009, I began an inner conversation with inner Inspiration, whom I also think of as The Mentor Within. My whole life I wanted a mentor, but could never find one until I found one within.

As I was contemplating a new direction in my work in the world, I paused for Inspiration. Inspiration showed up alongside me as if a new acquaintance and we began getting to know one another. Here’s the conversation:

“So, what do you do for a living?” asks The Mentor Within.

In a pause I found my Self talking out loud without thinking, “I run a mission for The Mentor Within and we inspire the dispirited.” “What did I just say?”” I thought.

Yes, The Mentor Within asked me the question though already knowing the answer to my inner questioning about my future. In my willingness to simply spend some time with inner Inspiration I came to know the answer to my question. It was important that I verbalized the answer out loud so I would hear it coming forth from my inner wise voice. My Mentor Within knew that I struggled with trusting this wise inner knowing, and that hearing Wisdom being spoken from my own voice would strengthen my trust.

As I heard my True Self voice my response to The Mentor Within, “I run a mission for The Mentor Within and we inspire the dispirited” 
I woke up.

Eight months later, one sunny October afternoon sitting at an outdoor cafe


World Needs Your Help One-to-One ~ NOW!

unexpectedly arrived into my awareness.

WNYHOO now operates as Pause For Inspiration!

All things are possible when we listen to our helpful inner wisdom.
When we listen, we can receive wise direction.
When we follow this wise direction, our Mentor Within
becomes known and helpful in us, with us, and through us.






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