365 Pause Practices – Day 147


Letting The Sky Open

trampling on the heart ~ pause ~ open your inner sky

In numerous moments in my life, my heart has been opened and my receptivity to the gift leaps in response to an inspired idea to begin a creative endeavor with a healing purpose; that has the potential to catapult myself and others out of fear and into the meaningful. Inspiration flows, and the whole sky opens in these moments of pause; yet my heart, my inner sky, closes shortly thereafter.

Why? Fear.

Fear thoughts begin firing at a rapid pace. I lose hope. I dismiss inspiration.

I forget to pause, again.

I know you know.

Today my inner sky opened once again. I am being given another opportunity to choose to follow this inner impulse to create, to heal. Today I am not going to say “Not now, I’m too busy, no one will be interested, not enough people will show up, or why bother?” to this unceasing flow. I’m just not going to say “No.” Nor will I let thoughts of logistics – time, space, scheduling – suffocate my inner sky before it even breathes a full breath. Or let other people’s fear-based judgments, feedback, advice, and good intentions trample on my inner sky.

Playing Catch with Fear or Inspiration? 

Today, I choose with whom I am going to play catch! I will need to pause for help with choosing correctly.

Fear pitches death ~ Inspiration pitches you’re alive

Inspiration tosses out an inner calling that falls on the deaf ears of fear, yet in my little willingness to pause and listen with ears that hear, I catch my call.

Fear fumbles, “You’ll lose everything and regret it for the rest of your life.” (LOLOLOL at fear’s catastrophizing!)

Inspiration throws a TOUCHDOWN, “You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.”

~  ~  ~  ~  ~

The Outcome?


I can choose fear and trample on my heart;


I can choose to walk along inspired roads and let my inner sky open. 





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