365 Pause Practices – Day 150


Remembering those who have died in service of
our country and our freedom.

People are Falling into Their Cubicle Minds.
How can I catch another before,
during, or after a fall into one’s cubicle mind? 

Here is Both a Catching and Fall
Prevention Plan

Pause, Step Back, Step Aside, and Let Inspiration Guide works if we put it into practice.
This will inevitably require being willing to exchange your old, unhelpful habitual ways of thinking, reacting, and communicating.
This is a job only to be filled by your Inspired Heart∞Mind.

Don’t wait for the next canned good drive or charity event or when you are closer to “enlightenment” ~ help the falling now. Those around you, in your very midst, are falling into their cubicle minds and need to be caught before the next, perhaps even greater fall. For when I catch another, I too am caught. Just remember that your cubicle self is not the one doing the catching. Pause, Step Back, Step Aside, and Let Inspiration Guide ~ Let Love lead you as you reach out to catch another ~ Love is a Sure Catch.






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