365 Pause Practices – Day 151


Heart Space

have you ever been seen truly?

We can be in a hurry in this world. Too hurried to pause and see one another. Too hurried to pause and receive another’s gifts. Be it a smile, a helpful gesture, a kind word, compassion, or how about when someone looks at you and sees you truly? Have you ever experienced this?

Sometimes, all any of us really want is to be seen.

I remember those “transforming moments” which I have been seen through and through all the way to my absolute core of love. They’re unforgettable because they are REAL. I call them “transforming” because in that instant I am re-Minded, re-Hearted with the All-Encompassing LOVE not of this world, yet in the world; in the world through you and me. We know LOVE IS REAL, through one another.

Seen past our weaknesses, frailties, errors in judgment,

body, age, and past.

Seen instead for the unique spark we are, the gift we are

and the gifts we have to give.

Seen for who we are without the baggage of judgment.

We dismiss the heart and soul of one another. Why? Because we are dismissing who we truly are beneath appearances, mistakes, and self-absorbed expectations.

I dismiss another because I dismiss my Self, my true Self.
I see another because I see my true Self.

Today, and I hope every day, we can each choose to place our hand over our heart space and receive LOVE, receive who we are truly in LOVE, as LOVE.

~  ~  ~
Take a pause to listen to your true Self today.
Take a pause to nurture your heart today. 
Take a pause to receive the heart of another who is gifting you.
Take a pause to see someone today.





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