365 Pause Practices – Day 155


Live an Inspired Life

Shared by Natalie, a Pause Crew Member

When I first started my Pause practice,
I realized that my internal dialogue was not the best.
Sitting in quiet moments with my Inspired Self
brought into my awareness some areas that needed healing. 
I was impatient with myself,
I judged myself for saying things I perceived as stupid,
I was sensitive and took things personally,
and I let FEAR stop me from experiencing an Inspired Life.

Inner Wisdom also revealed that if I’m impatient with myself,
I’m also impatient with others;
if I judge myself for things I say,
I’m also judging others;
if I’m sensitive and take things personally,
I’m living in fear and insecurity.
Whatever goes on inside of us gets extended onto others.
When we Pause in these moments,
we invite Inspiration Within to come into focus.
Inspiration Within is our Inner helper – it does not judge us based on the past or our fears. It extends peace to all who seek it. 

When we seek Within for INSPIRATION – we will Receive it.
And when we Receive Inspiration Within – it is Shared with everyone we meet.
Living an Inspired Life begins with a Pause.

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