365 Pause Practices – Day 159


Knowing Our Path?

It seems that when it comes to peace of mind, so many of us want a quick fix, an instant high, an immediate resolution, an easy way, and to be spoon-fed by someone else, rather than taking the time and doing what is ours to do
to come to realize true peace. 

Twenty years ago in one of the thousands of inner conversations, I have had since I was a little girl with Inner Wisdom, the spirit of LOVE, I asked about how to help myself and those who appear lost or endlessly searching for peace,
but never finding. 

Here’s a nugget of one conversation:

I asked, “How can I help those who are seeking and never finding?”

WISDOM: By seeing them differently, for who they truly are.

I asked, “How do I do what is mine to do? How do I go the way?”

WISDOM: Seamlessly walk in LOVE.

I asked, “Seamlessly?” What is seamlessly?”

We cannot know the path until we take it.





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