365 Pause Practices – Day 167


Stranger Danger or an Inspired Helper

A shared experience by Lisa, A Pause Crew Member

I was running errands on a super hot day. I was in and out of so many stores – I was done. I had one more stop – Party City. As I was leaving my car crossing the parking lot I see (and hear) a mother struggling with what looked to be an eight or nine-year-old boy.

Internally, I was thankful that I was not standing in the heat having an argument with my child. As I began to cross the parking lot happily on my way, I heard in my Heart∞Mind,
“You can help them. Share the Pause Practice.” 

WHAT?!?!? NO! It is hot, it has been a very long day, and I want to go home. 

Well, not this day! On this day, my Inner Wisdom guided me to do something that felt totally foreign and made me uncomfortable. As I tried to disregard what I was hearing and feeling I found myself back at my car opening the trunk, and pulling out the Pause For Your Helpful Self, Kid’s Can Pause, and Parent’s too! book and a couple of Pause cards.

I then walked over to the mother/son duo and the argument stopped as all eyes landed on me. I gave a quick hello and explanation of The Pause Practice. As I handed the mother the materials the boy grabbed the book and started to read it. Right there, before my eyes, he calmed down, smiled, and in a calm sweet manner asked for another book for his friend. Of course, I was going to honor his request! We walked back to my car and as I opened up the trunk he saw some dinosaur masks I had and said he really liked dinosaurs. I gave him the requested extra book and two masks – one for him and one for his friend. The mother looked me in the eyes, smiled, and gave me a heartfelt “thank you”.

In the store, I overheard the mother and son happily talking about the book, cards, and masks. No more arguing and I no longer felt like I had intruded on them.

I actually felt like I helped the mother and son and in turn, helped myself. 

In practicing The Pause and following the guidance given to me
– no matter how uncomfortable it felt 
I was able to help another and help myself. 





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