365 Pause Practices – Day 169



In receiving all the gifts we have all been given we realize, recognize, and experience that we are being given all these gifts ~ and more, unceasingly ~ and that these gifts are now all ours to give;
and in our giving not one gift is lost, nor lessened in any way, and
in fact, our gifts expand exponentially,
for giving and receiving are one in the same.

In a moment today dashing down the stairs, I noticed my mind was dashing down too with negative judgments about myself. 
I chose to pause.
In the pause, willing to allow an inner shift to unfold, I was moved into a loving frame of mind before arriving at the bottom of the stairs.

In truly receiving these gifts I have been given I realize that these gifts are

truly now mine to give.
I can pause in stillness.
I can pause in motion.
I can reject a pause.
I can accept a pause.

A pause always remains within my reach, and with it,

peace of mind. 
~  ~  ~  

Giving and Receiving being One in the Same opens us to
our peace of mind.





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